15-inch MacBook Air suddenly sounds less appealing after key specs leak

It could mean a less impressive upgrade than we first thought

The MacBook Air M2 in blue being carried while closed
(Image credit: Apple)

As WWDC 2023 approaches, many rumours have started to circulate about what new software and hardware we might see. The event, which is set to begin on the 5th of June, will likely show off all of Apple's new software, and could even see the long-awaited Reality Pro headset debut.

Alongside that, a 15-inch MacBook Air has been widely rumoured. If seen, it would be the biggest MacBook Air variant ever. It has also been rumoured to be the first device to feature Apple's 3nm M3 chip processor.

But a recent leak on the Korean blog, Naver, has suggested that is no longer the case. The blogger, who has a history of tech-industry leaks, has reported that the new model will feature the current M2 chip, instead.

A number of reasons for the change were cited. Market conditions and inventory adjustment were noted, alongside some issues within the supply chain of chipmaker TSMC.

I think that's a shame. There's nothing wrong with the M2 chip – far from it, in fact – but the bump up to M3 and 3nm architecture would have given consumers an extra reason to buy.

With the M2 chip, size becomes the only real differentiator. For some, that's enough – many have described a 15-inch MacBook Air as the perfect middle ground, offering the portability Air's are renowned for, with a screen big enough to get everything on display.

I'd guess that's a significantly smaller pool of consumers than they'd have had for an M3-equipped variant, though. What's more, with M3 clearly on the horizon, potential owners might be inclined to wait and see what comes next.

Reports have suggested that the 15-inch MacBook Air could be ready to go soon, with some even suggesting a potential launch date before WWDC rolls around. Whether it does crop up before the event, or get it's unveiling on the day, I'd expect to hear more about it in the coming weeks.

Sam Cross
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