One resistance band, 10 minutes and this home workout for stronger glutes

Get rounder glutes in just 10 minutes with this super-simple home workout

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Ready for a glute workout? Of course, you are! After all, it only takes ten minutes and requires only a resistance band – home workouts don't get much simpler than this. In return for your efforts, you'll be rewarded with glutes – a.k.a. 'bum muscles' – that are the talk of the town.

On top of having a more aesthetically-pleasing midsection, there are other positive outcomes in training your glutes, such as strengthening your hip extension, reducing back stress and lowering your susceptibility to hamstring injuries. Added to these benefits, athletic performance can be enhanced as this muscle area generates considerable power that can be translated into speed, endurance and acceleration. 

In this workout by American fitness trainer and coach Eleni Fit, we are shown many resistance-band exercises that focus on your glutes. Each exercise should be completed for 30 seconds with no rests in between. The exercises are:

  • Side leg lift (R) 
  • Side leg lift (L)
  • Squats 
  • Squat pulses 
  • Step out squat 
  • Fire hydrant (R) 
  • Donkey kicks (R) 
  • Fire hydrant (L) 
  • Donkey kicks (L) 
  • Squats on knees 
  • Squat pulses on knees
  • Lying abduction 
  • Glute bridge to abduction 
  • Clamshell (R)
  • Clamshell (L) 
  • Reverse lunge pulses 
  • Butterfly butt pulses 
  • Side lunges 
  • Squat to abduction 
  • Standing abduction

Like to try this workout but don’t own a resistance band? No need to worry as we have a similar 6-minute, no-equipment leg workout. Want a simpler introduction to glute-focused resistance band workouts? We recommend checking out this 4-exercise home workout by Alo Moves coach Harley Pasternak. Finally, we have a 5-minute dynamic/home workout from FightCamp Founding Trainer Flo Master

Eager to try Eleni’s workout but don’t own any resistance bands? Then maybe consider investing in one of the best resistance bands we’ve had the pleasure of testing and ranking this year. Want to analyse your key fitness performance indicators and analyse the data to help you improve? Then look no further than the best Fitbits we’ve expertly reviewed this year.

Lastly, if you are experiencing discomfort in using ordinary trainers when performing exercises, then we strongly advise getting a pair of the best workout shoes to alleviate any pain and help you meet your fitness goals.

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