Get fit fast with this CrossFit-style dumbbell full-body home workout

This 20-minute workout can help you grow muscles at home without heavy weights

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Standard dumbbell workouts can be a bit... boring. Sure, the bench press and the overhead press are two of the best upper body exercises, but they are also tedious to perform day after day. Not to mention, not switching up your workout can hinder muscle growth, so trying a different approach now and then can help you progress and get fit faster.

Here is a CrossFit-style dumbbell and resistance band workout to try. Resistance band exercises offer numerous benefits as even the best resistance bands are relatively inexpensive, can be easily stowed away and are portable if you intend to use them away from home. Aside from the obvious benefits, they can help you perform dynamic stretches (short stretch movements between 1-5 seconds), static stretches (holding stretches for 30-60 seconds), muscle-building as a weight alternative and finally, rehabilitation from injury by placing less strain on your joints.

Meanwhile, completing dumbbell exercises engage in two overloads that result in muscle growth – mechanical and metabolic. Mechanic overload occurs when muscles are damaged during contractions, which are then stimulated and replenished with muscle growth. Metabolic overload occurs when your muscles are worked to exhaustion which enables them to store more glycogen and increase in size. If you want to know more about dumbbells, check out T3's best dumbbells and best adjustable dumbbell guides.

In this workout by Californian native and CrossFit games athlete Lauren Fisher, we are tasked with completing a succession of resistance-band and dumbbell exercises that will give you a challenging full-body workout. For the dumbbell exercises, there are three recommended levels- beginner (7kg), intermediate (11kg) and advanced (16kg). The exercises are as follows:

  • Part A
  • 100 repetitions resistance-banded glute bridge 
  • 100 repetitions resistance-banded monster walk 
  • Part B (4 sets)
  • 8-12 repetitions of burpees 
  • 8-12 repetitions tuck ups
  • 8-12 repetitions DB Hang Power Cleans 
  • 8-12 repetitions DB Push press 

Want to concentrate on the shoulders more after Lauren’s workout? We suggest trying these 10 shoulder workout tips by CrossFit athlete Marcus Filly. Not keen on having weights clog up your living space? We have a more suitable routine covering the five best resistance band exercises. Finally, for those wanting greater back and core support for their heavy-weight sets, we recommend investing in one of the best weightlifting belts to help you avoid painful injuries. 

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