Build leg muscles with this bodyweight home workout in just 15 minutes

Improve lower body definition with this fast-paced and quick bodyweight workout

Fit young woman performing the glute bridge exercise on a yoga mat
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Many bodybuilders will recommend the mighty squat as the main exercise in any workout routine, as it builds overall fitness and strength while also making your bum stronger and rounder. However, there are other bodyweight exercises that can build leg definition, many of which you'll find featured in this fast home workout. Ready to get stronger from the waist down?

Working on your glutes will go some way to building functional gluteal and hip muscles, which will help you avoid injuries in common areas such as your lower back, hips and knees by better aligning and stabilising these areas. Stronger glutes can enhance your athletic performance during sporting activities as you’ll be able to generate more power and enjoy more endurance with various movement patterns. Lastly, stronger glutes can help improve your posture and help avoid hindering conditions such as dynamic valgus or lower cross syndrome. 

In this workout by global online fitness icon Chloe Ting, we are invited to complete a series of glute-focused exercises lasting 40 seconds each, followed by short rest intervals. This workout only requires an exercise mat and will last approximately 15 minutes. The exercises featured in the session are:

  • Cross-over kickback (L) (40 seconds) 
  • Cross-over kickback (R) (40 seconds)
  • Straight leg hydrant (L) (40 seconds) 
  • Straight leg hydrant (R) (40 seconds)
  • 5-second rest
  • Single leg glute bridge (L) (40 seconds) 
  • 10-second rest 
  • Single leg glute bridge (R) (40 seconds) 
  • 10-second rest
  • Frog pump (40 seconds) 
  • 10-second rest 
  • Donkey kick variation (L) (40 seconds)
  • 5-second rest 
  • Donkey kick variation (R) (40 seconds)
  • 20-second rest 
  • Sumo squat heel lift (40 seconds) 
  • 5-second rest 
  • Squat kickback (40 seconds)
  • 10-second rest 
  • Lateral lunge to squat (L) (40 seconds) 
  • 5-second rest 
  • Lateral lunge to squat (R) (40 seconds)
  • Curtsy lunge (L) (40 seconds) 
  • 5-second rest 
  • Curtsy lunge (R) (40 seconds) 
  • 10-second rest
  • Lunge kickback (L) (40 seconds)
  • 5-second rest 
  • Lunge kickback (R) (40 seconds)
  • 10-second rest 
  • Single leg deadlift to lateral lunge (L) (40 seconds) 
  • 10-second Rest 
  • Single leg deadlift to lateral lunge (R) (40 seconds)

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