Taylor Swift rocks a watch choker at the Grammy's – is this the next watch trend?

Taylor Swift at the Grammy's wearing a watch choker
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While there are a whole range of influencers in the watch world, few will have the following of Taylor Swift. The musician has had a stellar career, with armies of dedicated fans around the world.

Earlier this week, Swift was present at the 66th annual Grammy's award show. She made history as the first artist to win Album of the Year four times – but also caused a stir with her choice of neckwear.

The star could be seen sporting a watch choker at the event. It's said to be a vintage Concord piece, crafted into a choker by American designer, Lorraine Schwartz. 

The piece set the watch world ablaze – and with good reason. Swift's involvement as a fan of NFL in recent months has been headline news, while her Eras tour has sent fans into hysteria worldwide.

Swift isn't the first major celebrity to sport a watch around her neck, though. At the last year's Paris Fashion Week, Rihanna was spotted sporting a diamond encrusted Jacob & Co. timepiece in a similar fashion. 

With two of the most influential women in the world both taking part in this trend, is it something we'd expect to see more of? Well, maybe. Fashions like these can quickly take hold of the mainstream – never underestimate the power of that army of fans.

We've already seen models like the Hamilton American Classic Necklace. That puts the head of a watch on a necklace, turning the time telling device into a fashion piece. Sure, it's no choker, but it's not a million miles away.

I suspect we'll see other brands jump onto this trend in the coming months. While it's certainly bold, I can see the influence of Swift and RiRi inspiring users to be a little more bold with their choices. That's a good thing for the watch industry, and should see new users enter the fray – albeit in a slightly unconventional way.

Sam Cross
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