Razer Naga Pro guide: should you buy this versatile gaming mouse?

Is the Razer Naga Pro the ultimate versatile gaming mouse?

Razer Naga Pro
(Image credit: Razer)

The Razer Naga Pro is a gaming mouse that’s built to be everything to everyone. We think it belongs on our best gaming mouse list, but the question we’re here to answer is whether or not you should buy it.

It’s not cheap, and while it is incredibly customisable, there aren’t many gaming mice out there that can match its MOBA / MMO credentials. Razer makes great gaming mice in all shapes and a great mouse would perfectly complement the best gaming headset or best gaming keyboard.

What are the specs of the Razer Naga Pro?

Razer Naga Pro

(Image credit: Razer)

The specs on the Razer Naga Pro are very impressive. The Razer Focus+ Sensor is one of the best around with 99.6% resolution accuracy and it’ll land you with 20,000 DPI (CPI). While top pros might go that high, to most of us that’s a superhuman sensitivity level. It also has a polling rate of 1000Hz and a max speed of 650 IPS.

It’s wireless, which will appeal to some and not others, but Razer claims that their proprietary Hyperspeed Wireless tech is 25% faster than any other available. Battery life is up to 150 hours on Bluetooth and 100 hours with Razer Hyperspeed. You’ll still be able to use it while plugged in using the braided Speedflex Cable.

It weighs 117 grams and measures 119 x 74.5 x 43mm (LxWxH) three LED zones for using Razer Chroma RBG and, thanks to its faceplate system, up to 20 programmable buttons.

What are the best features of the Razer Naga Pro?

Razer Naga Pro

(Image credit: Razer)

The faceplate system that the Naga Pro uses has to be the most interesting feature to gamers, as well as the most useful for those who don’t focus their efforts on a single game or genre.

On the body of the mouse, where your thumb rests are 12 buttons that are designed to make enhance MMO gaming by giving you easy access to tools and powers in the way you configure them. There are two faceplates that can be placed over the top of that which turns it into a 2 button grip or a 6 button grip. Meaning the Naga Pro is 10 button, 14 button and 20 button mouse all in one.

It’s got its own internal memory which means you can store configurations you set up with Razers Synapse software, which you can cycle between using the button at the base of the mouse.

Of course, there’s also the lighting which works with Razer Chroma and can be configured and adjusted in a wide variety of ways, while also pairing up with other Razer products to produce a consistent theme across your gaming rig.

What else do I need to know about the Razer Naga Pro?

Razer Naga Pro

(Image credit: Razer)

The Naga Pro is ergonomically designed to support your hand in long gaming sessions, which is what you need for those long-haul MMO raids. Razer  also say that their optical mouse switch delivers what would be an industry-leading 0.2ms response time.

As you might expect it has high-grade PTFE feet to make it glide across your desk and is compatible with the Razer Mouse Dock if you’re upgrading or switching from another wireless Razer mouse.

Currently the Naga Pro is only available to right-handers, though there is a left-handed edition of the Razer Naga.

What are the alternatives to the Razer Naga Pro?

The Razer Naga Pro and its faceplate system is pretty unusual in top-tier mouse, and that’s not the only thing that’s good about it. Razer has stacked the Naga Pro with a high-end sensor, huge polling rate and created and as close to a lag-free wireless system as is possible. It’s ridiculously high-spec.

Which is good, because at £149/$149, it’s not cheap. The Asus ROG Spatha is specifically designed for MMORPG players, it’s DPI is pretty miserly compared to the Naga Pro, and has fewer buttons, but its polling rate is double the Naga Pro’s in wired mode.

If you’re specifically looking for a more versatile mouse then the Logitech G502 might be your best lower-cost option. If you’re not into all the buttons and want something that just handles everything well, then a Roccat Kain 120 AIMO will suit most people.

The thing is though, the only gaming mice that really close to the Naga Pro in terms of all-around versatility and specs are the other Razer mice in the Naga range – the Razer Naga X and Razer Naga.

Geraint Evans