Sky TV's new movie has 75% on Rotten Tomatoes – but motoring fans will love it

Adam Driver, Patrick Dempsey and Penelope Cruz star in what is certain to be an award-winning modern classic

Patrick Dempsey sits in a Ferrari on the set of Ferrari: The Movie
(Image credit: Sky TV)

We're really spoilt for choice when it comes to movies and TV shows these days. In the modern age, the best streaming services are peppered with top tier content ready for your viewing pleasure.

Because of that, it can be tough to separate the wheat from the chaff. With the sheer volume of content coming out, there's a lot more to sift through before you find something genuinely brilliant.

That's not a problem here, though. Sky TV are unveiling a new movie called Ferrari on the 26th of December – and it's sure to be an award-winning modern classic.

Set in the summer of 1957, the story follows the life of legend Enzo Ferrari as he traverses the twists and turns of the Mille Miglia. Those twists aren't just reserved for the racing, though, as Enzo's treacherous personal life is also pulled into the story.

The result is a film which doesn't just ignite the senses of petrolheads, but of all kinds of other fans. In fact, the motoring side of things almost plays second fiddle to the story throughout. I found myself far more interested in the other aspects of the plot throughout.

Of course, the roaring engines and racing action are still present and correct. It's just put together in a much more effective storytelling capacity than other similar titles. 

What's more, you'll find a whole range of different scenes. Moments of love and loss,  heartbreak and elation seem peppered throughout in fairly equal measure. Ferrari is beautifully crafted to make you laugh and cry, sometimes within the same scene.

It always feels a little hyperbolic to suggest that a new movie is destined for fame and glory. But that's exactly how I've felt since watching Ferrari.

A star-studded cast including Adam Driver, Patrick Dempsey and Penelope Cruz deliver a fantastic performance. The story itself takes a macro focus on a turbulent time in the brands' history, making it less about the cars and more about the drama. The whole thing is just well put together.

In fact, the overall package is done to such a degree that I'd be surprised if we didn't see this picking up some awards in the coming year. But hey, there's no need to take my word for it. Ferrari will head to cinemas on the 26th of December – what better way to spend a Boxing Day? – and arrive on Sky TV and NOW in 2024. And I can't recommend it enough.

Sam Cross
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