iOS 12: 12 hidden features you might not have found in iOS 12 yet

The big iOS 12 update for iPhones and iPads comes loaded with advanced hidden features

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By now the iOS 12 upgrade should have arrived on your iPhone or iPad, if it's eligible for the update, and no doubt you've been playing around with the new functions and features on offer, of which there are quite a few. But have you found everything it's got to offer yet?

That's where we come in: having spent an extensive amount of time with the software in beta form, we know our way around it better than most, and here we're going to share some of the less obvious new features that you might not have come across up until now.

1. iOS 12: Find duplicate passwords

Safari and iCloud have been able to remember your passwords for a while now, but in iOS 12 you'll get warnings if you're using the same password for multiple accounts – to check, go to Settings, then tap Passwords & Accounts, and then Website & App Passwords.

2. iOS 12: More information on battery life

Reports on battery life have been steadily getting better and better with each passing version of iOS, and in iOS 12 you've got more data and charts to look at than ever before. Tap on Battery in Settings then scroll down to see battery usage by time and by app.

iOS 12

iOS 12

3. iOS 12: Look for specific places in Photos

The search capabilities of Photos have been upgraded with the arrival of iOS 12, so you can now search with more detail and accuracy – you can, for example, try running queries for specific venues and places (like coffee shops) and the results should pop up on screen.

4. iOS 12: Ask Siri your passwords

Forgotten your Netflix password? Ask Siri what it is, and if it's stored on your iPhone, you'll get a response back. Don't worry, the answer won't be read out for the whole room to hear – instead it'll show up on screen so you can type it into whatever login screen you're on.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

5. iOS 12: Use Google Maps on CarPlay

The iOS 12 update also affects your car – if you have  CarPlay-compatible head unit in your motor, you can now use third-party mapping apps on it instead of Apple Maps. One of your alternative choices is Google Maps for iOS, so you can get Google to get you from A to B.

6. iOS 12: Find songs by their lyrics

If you've got a tune in your head but you can't remember its name, you can search for the lyrics right inside in Apple Music – just use the search box up at the top to look for words and phrases. You do need to be an Apple Music subscriber for this to work, however.

7. iOS 12: Get updates automatically

The iOS update process was already pretty automatic, but iOS 12 will install new patches without any confirmation overnight if your phone is online and charging. If you're happy with this, turn the feature on under the General, Software Update section of Settings.

8. iOS 12: Add a Screen Time widget

You might have already explored the Screen Time tool in iOS 12, designed to help foster a more healthy relationship with your smartphone, but did you know it comes with a widget? Tap Edit on the Today view, then tap the green plus button next to Screen Time.

iOS 12

iOS 12

9. iOS 12: Add another face to Face ID

iOS 12 lets you add another face to unlock your phone besides your own – the face of a trusted friend or spouse perhaps? To add another visage, go to Settings, then tap Face ID & Passcode, then tap Set Up an Alternate Appearance and follow the instructions on screen.

10. iOS 12: Do Not Disturb by location and event

If you tap and hold the Do Not Disturb button on the Control Centre, you'll get some extra options in iOS 12: you can keep the quiet mode active until you leave your current location or until the current event ends (assuming there is an event marked in the Calendar app).

iOS 12

iOS 12

11. iOS 12: Turn your keyboard into a trackpad

If you need more control over where the cursor is going on your iPhone or iPad, turn your device's keyboard into a trackpad. Previously this needed 3D Touch, but in iOS 12 you can just press and hold on the spacebar to enter trackpad mode and start moving around.

12. iOS 12: Use iPhone gestures on the iPad

If you've got iOS 12 installed on your iPad, you can use some of the iPhone gestures: swipe up from the bottom of the display to go home, and swipe down from the top right to open Control Centre. No doubt this is because the new iPad Pros will drop the Home button.