I tried the Bio-Synergy DNA test and apparently, being a workaholic is in my DNA

Plus, the Epigenetics Test showed me that my biological age is way older than I thought

Bio Synergy DNA and Epigenetics Test
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I don’t think there is anyone who isn’t interested in their own bodies, one way or another, no wonder DNA testing kits are so popular. One of these tests, the Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test, can provide a glimpse into how much of our behaviour is based on free will and how much is already predetermined on a DNA level. No, seriously. And not just that but the ‘epigenetics’ part of the test can also help you understand just how old you actually are, regardless of your age.

Although I tried DNA and gut health tests before, including the NGX DNA test and the Atlas Biomed Microbiome test, the results of the Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test still offered me some never-before-seen insights of how my body works. I was genuinely surprised by the sheer amount of data I was presented with in the Bio-Synergy app: I expected information mainly focused on nutrition and performance but there is just so much more in there.

Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test: price and availability

Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test is available to buy now at Bio-Synergy for a recommended retail price of £219. You can also buy the DNA Testing Kit (RRP £119) and the Epigenetics Testing Kit (£129) separately. Buying them together will save you £30. 

Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test: surprising DNA results

It takes roughly 3-4 weeks for your DNA results to show in the Bio-Synergy App. It was slightly confusing at the beginning to track the process as the app kept on kicking me out when I tried to check the status of the order. Needless to say, it didn’t stop me from checking every other day anyway.

I was used to more detailed updates, like what happened when I took the aforementioned NGX DNA test, although to be fair, comms from the NGX team were a bit OTT so maybe something in between the two would be great: we received your kit, we are testing your samples, here are the results.

Anyhow, when I received a notification that my results were ready to view in the app I abandoned all my work to peruse said results. And boy oh boy was I blown away. As I mentioned, I was expecting something more workout-oriented, such as how my body can metabolise certain micro- and macro-nutrients, but the Bio-Synergy app presented me with much more than that.

But before we get to the more random stuff, let’s take a look at the performance related info. You’ll find most of these under the ‘Results’ tab in the app, and these are the stats I expected from the test, such as how my body metabolises vitamins, different nutrients, caffeine etc. I’m not saying that this data is boring, though, on the contrary: you can learn more about stuff like muscle power, O2 usage, protein response and more.

The emphasis is definitely on the ‘more’ bit as I counted no less than 46 different data points in this section, including my body's response to yo/yo dieting (negative to my health, I wonder if anyhow has a positive response to this) and unsaturated fat benefits (reduced benefit). Each of these entries are detailed even further when you click into the tabs plus you are also given recommendations too, which aren’t always super personalised but certainly actionable (eat more leafy greens: got it).

Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test first hand review

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Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test: health insights are where it’s at

The ‘Health Insights’ section caught me a bit off guard, not going to lie. I guess it’s because I follow a relatively healthy lifestyle so I assumed that my body is in tip-top condition, which is clearly not how things work in real life. I wasn’t ready to see that my physical decline with age is ‘slightly faster’ than normal, for one.

Again, there is so much data here to indulge yourself in, much like in the ‘Results’ section and not all is connected to performance. You can learn more about skin aging as well as sleep and stress, but my favourite bit was certainly the mental health overview. I never would’ve thought that being a workaholic – which I really truly am – is in my DNA, so is the tendency that I perform the best in the mornings (I’m a ‘non-night worker’, according to the results). Interestingly, coffee has a negative effect on my focus: how strange! Maybe I should stop chugging pints of the stuff every day then.

The data doesn’t stop here either. The Bio-Synergy DNA test can tell you more about your heart and gut health (for example, risk of irregular heart rate and gluten intolerance, respectively). Muscle health is also thoroughly analysed: you can find out your natural testosterone levels (from a DNA point of view, not the actual amount in the system) and how much muscle pain exercise induces.

Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test: help me, I’m on the decline

You will have to wait a good many weeks (months) after receiving the DNA data to see your epigenetics results, although you provide samples for both at the same time. Well, it’s just the one sample altogether, really. After the insane amount of data I was provided in the DNA test sections, I was expecting a more robust epigenetics overview, but it really is just five things: biological, eye, hearing and memory age plus an inflammation score.

These are all highly personalised, of course, and provide an explanation of the outcome as well as recommendations on how to improve them. As I mentioned, I live a healthy lifestyle and according to my Garmin Fenix 6 Pro and Tanita scale my metabolic age is way below my actual age, although I admit that has nothing to do with my DNA.

My DNA says I’m actually two years older biologically than how old I actually am, not to mention my hearing and memory age, both of which are apparently even worse. None of these are in the unhealthy range but again, I was used to seeing completely different results in other apps so this came as a bit of a shock. Even more interestingly, one of the recommendations to improve my biological age was to lower metabolic rate, something I was always keen on keeping fairly high. Maybe I should start meditating and visiting saunas?

Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test first hand review

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Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test: how I interpreted the results

Before you get carried away and translate the results as I did (a.k.a. I’m going to die soon), it’s important to mention the difference between information in your DNA and the way you live your life. For example, I already knew my body isn’t great in synthesising B12 and D vitamins from previous tests, something the Bio-Synergy test also confirmed, but this doesn’t mean I can’t counterbalance this by taking more in of those vitamins.

Just because my eyesight is declining faster with age than usual, I can still ensure that I look after them and don’t stare at screens all day, especially in the dark. My memory age is not the best but I can keep my brain in a better shape by actually exercising my brain and throwing create tasks at it so it needs to think more.

Don’t let your DNA stop you from working out because you haven’t got gifted genes that enable you to pack on muscle like others. The results from the Bio-Synergy DNA and Epigenetics test can help you overcome physical weaknesses and action your body’s shortcomings more efficiently.

How? For one, I started taking my creatine during workouts as opposed to the beginning of the day because my body benefits less from creatine overloading. I’ll also ease up on my unsaturated fat consumption since I don’t benefit from these that much (I’ll still eat my avocado and salmon, though). I will also drink less coffee and consume less sugar as now I know these are very detrimental to my health.

I would recommend taking the Bio-Synergy DNA Test if you are interested in enhancing your performance and the epigenetics test if you really need to know the ‘actual age’ of your body and the different body parts.

That said, the epigenetics test results have more of a novelty feel to them and they are also more of a ‘snapshot’ of your current condition as opposed to information about your general well-being. Although if you are really interested and have a spare £100 to find this out, by all means, carry on.

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