How to get a courtside view at Wimbledon with Oppo

The Oppo Reno 10X Zoom puts you right in the centre of the action

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From 16 to 160mm in under a second, the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom propels you into the heart of the action. Ace your shots time after time with its powerful triple camera system, whether you need the widest angle possible or want to see the sweat beads forming on a player’s brow. 

Combined with a breathtaking all-screen front, powerful hardware and incredible battery life, if you need a smartphone that covers all the bases and delivers match-winning performance, it’s the Reno 10X Zoom. 

It starts with a screen...

The courtside view starts when you fire up the 10X Zoom’s immersive screen. Combining a 93% screen-to-body ratio with eye poppingly vivid AMOLED technology, it makes for a perfect viewfinder through which to see Wimbledon, whether you’re capturing the action yourself or streaming it over the phone’s lightning fast 5G data speeds*

A screen is only as good as the image it’s displaying; luckily, the Reno 10X Zoom’s is accompanied by a stunning triple camera system, designed to keep capturing perfect moments that deserve to be showcased in style. 

Photo of a Reno 10X Zoom shot on a Reno 10X Zoom in Centre Court

(Image credit: Future)

Setting the scene

The Reno 10X Zoom’s ultrawide camera is in the perfect position to set the scene with its 16mm equivalent focal range. Capturing everything in eyeshot with virtually no fisheye distortion, it also features auto HDR (High Dynamic Range), so keeps the skies looking bright but not blown out, crowds looking energized but crisp, and the court looking ready for action. 

The devil is in the detail

Ready for a bit more action? The Reno 10X Zoom’s main camera is a powerhouse. It has a versatile 26mm equivalent wide angle, features an incredibly high-resolution 48MP sensor, and combines it with a wide open f/1.7 lens that lets in a lot of light - ideal indoors or out, come day or night.

Equipped with optical image stabilisation as well as laser and phase detection autofocus, it locks onto your target, whether it’s a tennis ball, player or racket, so everything looks sharp. With its super high definition mode, you can shoot huge, 48MP images and pinch into parts of your picture you didn’t even know you captured. All the while, Dazzle Color Mode pixel-level color restoration creates life-like, vivid hues that will transport you to your courtside view every time you flick back through your gallery. 

Deuce - time to zoom

It’s crunch time, 40-all, the tension is palpable; you can hear it from the crowd, you can feel it on the court - and you can see it with the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom. With its periscope telephoto lens, wherever you’re sitting, the Reno’s 10x hybrid zoom will get you in on the action. With an equivalent focal length of 160mm, it can take shots once reserved for pro photographers with L Series lenses and courtside seats. Coupled with optical image stabilisation, it also keeps your hand steady as the tension builds, and you wait, you wait a little longer - wait a little longer: It’s a serve, and a volley, a return, followed by a volley - another volley and…   “GAME, SET, MATCH!”... you’ve captured your perfect shot.

There’s more...

When the game is done and the tournament is won, the lights go down and the Reno 10X Zoom’s AI night mode takes centre stage. Tastefully brightening up the darkest scenes, with mesmerizingly beautiful low-light capture that grabs plenty of detail, it leaves other flagships with no dedicated night modes in the dust.

Meanwhile, the Reno 10X Zoom’s demure, hidden pop-up front camera captures crisp, flattering selfies with depth, and scores across lighting conditions thanks to its wide f/2.0 aperture and front-firing flash.

Serving up winning shot after shot from a specs point of view too, with the latest widely available version of Android on-board, the Reno 10X Zoom supports your favourite apps and games. Meanwhile, its Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset delivers ample power, which, paired with 4065mAh battery, ensures a front-row experience from morning to night. Finally, thanks to an under display fingerprint scanner, cutting-edge biometric security is accounted for too.

With the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom, a courtside seat doesn’t need to end when the match is over - it keeps you in the front row, every day of your life.

*5G data speeds available only on the 5G variant

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