Check out the incredible footage captured when a lion stole a GoPro

Not many cameras could withstand such a close encounter with a big cat

Lioness approaching GoPro
(Image credit: GoPro via YouTube)

We know that today's best GoPros are tough little cameras. They can be sent into space, or take on a kleptomaniac parrot, and come out unscathed. The latest GoPro adventure to capture our attentions is a self-filmed excursion with a lioness. 

The below footage was captured on Lisa Kytösaho's HERO 10, and was impressive enough to snag her a GoPro Award. It shows a lion approaching the mounted camera, stealing it, and taking it off for a run with a fellow big cat, before stopping to play with it. Unlike the parrot footage linked above, this looks like the camera was set up in the hopes of capturing some up-close wild animal footage, but it's none the less impressive for it. 

This video was shot with the current flagship, which you can read about in our GoPro HERO 10 Black review. These cams are known for being basically bulletproof, and GoPro says the camera came out of the encounter unscathed (although to be fair it doesn't really look like the lioness is trying to break it). This makes them the go-to choice for capturing all kinds of high-octane adventures, from ski touring to diving, although the above close-up safari footage isn't your most typical use case.

 The HERO 10 also boasts the best version of HyperSmooth image stabilisation, as well as improved horizon levelling of up to a full 45-degrees, both of which help make this lion-shot footage shine. Read more about what you can and can't do with a GoPro, or see how the HERO 10 matches up against its predecessor in our GoPro HERO 10 Black vs HERO 9 Black showdown. 

Ruth Hamilton

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