Apple iPhone XS deal bags phone for just £23 per month at EE

One of the best iPhones ever is finally becoming affordable. Check out this EE Apple iPhone XS deal now

iPhone XS deals EE
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's iPhone XS was widely regarded to be one of the best iPhones ever made but it came at a high price, as all new iPhones do. Now, though, competitive contracts for the handset are becoming affordable. EE is offering a 64GB iPhone XS in gold for £23 per month with 4GB of data, alongside some other goodies.

The iPhone XS sits between the XR and the XS Max, offering an incredibly solid high-end iPhone experience with all the frills that that entails. When we reviewed the XS, we found it was a turbocharged version of the X, the first all-screen iPhone. Everything about it was superb: the enormous screen, blazing performance, camera, all of it.

The deal here gets you a 64GB gold iPhone XS with 4GB data for £23 per month with £199 upfront, which is a pretty amazing price for a phone that's only one generation from being the top dog.

Apple iPhone XS (64GB, Gold) | EE contract | 4GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £23 per month | £199 upfront cost | 24 month contract | Available now (opens in new tab)
One of the best iPhones ever? For just £23 per month? That's exactly what EE is offering right now and we couldn't recommend the deal more highly. You're unlikely to find such a new iPhone for less anywhere else.

So, if your phone is becoming a bit old and tired and you're looking for a brand new iPhone, then look no further than this iPhone XS deal on EE.

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