7 camping gadgets everyone should take to Glastonbury

From a power bank to ear plugs, these are the gadgets you don't want to forget when packing for the music festival

Friends camping at Glastonbury
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Glastonbury may still be a few weeks away, but anyone serious about the five-day festival knows the time to start planning is now. The last thing you want is to be frantically running around the house a few days before, as you'll most likely forget something and overpack with items you don't need.

While there are certain essentials you can’t do the festival without (like a tent, sleeping bag, camping mat, etc) there are a few camping gadgets that can make your time at Worthy Farm even more enjoyable. 'What are these gadgets?' you ask. Below, we've rounded up seven of our favourites.

1. Power bank

power bank

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Your phone battery will be 100% drained at Glastonbury as you’ll no doubt be taking loads of pictures, filming your favourite acts, and making plenty of calls to friends when you get lost. A power bank is therefore one of the ultimate gadgets you cannot forget. Not sure which to get? We’ve rounded up the best power banks

2. Collapsible bucket  

Showers are pretty much off-limits for the majority at Glasto, so many people turn to baby wipes instead. Want a slightly more thorough wash though? This is where the beauty of a collapsible bucket comes in – compact, easy to store in your bag, and perfect for filling up with water and a little soap so you can have a good scrub.

3. Duct tape 

A non-glamorous gadget, but an essential one. Whether you find a rip in your tent, a hole in your air mattress or your tent poles snap (god forbid), a roll of duct tape can help you out of sticky situations.

4. Head torch

A man using a head torch in his tent

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Any camping trip requires a decent torch. You can just take a regular flashlight or even a camping lantern, but there are a few reasons we prefer a head torch: they’re far more efficient when it comes to size and space, plus it means you can easily navigate around your tent in the dark with both hands-free. 

5. Handheld fan

British weather is temperamental and can change last minute (we therefore definitely advise packing a waterproof coat just in case). But, if the weather is forecast to be hot, then a handheld fan can help keep you cool amongst the crowds, or at night time (as we all know how disgustingly hot tents can get).  

6. Quick-dry towel

A towel is another essential you want on any camping trip, but a regular towel will be big and bulky in your hiking backpack and add extra weight. A quick dry towel, however, is lightweight, compact and, as you guessed, dries super fast so you can keep reusing it. 

7. Ear plugs

Woman popping ear plugs into her ears

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Getting a good night's sleep at a music festival can be tough, especially if you're a light sleeper, so it's worth investing in a decent pair of earplugs. Even if you've camped far away from the stages, you may find that you've pitched up next to someone who snores, so it's always best to be prepared.

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