7 signs you should switch from a memory foam mattress to a hybrid mattress

Why you should choose a hybrid mattress if you have these problems…

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So, you’re looking to upgrade to the best mattress but can’t decide which one is right for you. We’ve come a long way in recent years, when before, the only way you could buy a mattress was to go to a huge bedding factory and bounce up and down on the options laid out. Now (like most things), you can buy mattresses online and there are more brands, types and materials to choose from than ever before.

There are many different types of mattresses you can buy today, including unusual materials like latex, bamboo and charcoal. But the three most commonly bought mattresses typically consist of either springs, memory foam or a hybrid mixture of the two.

Today, memory foam and hybrid mattresses are pretty neck and neck in terms of popularity, as both offer unrivalled support, comfort and pressure relief. However, they do falter in their own areas, for example, memory foam can cause you to overheat more while hybrids are more heavy and expensive.

However, as someone who’s made the switch from a memory foam mattress to a hybrid one, it could be time for you to do the same, and here’s why.

What is the difference between memory foam and hybrid mattresses?

Before I get into the signs you need to choose a hybrid mattress over memory foam, let’s quickly explain the difference between the two.

First, the best memory foam mattresses are made of memory foam and other types of foams without a spring in sight. Depending on the mattress you choose, you can find different types of memory foam infused with other materials like bamboo and charcoal for enhanced breathability.

Aside from reading the product description, a memory foam mattress can be identified by its ‘sinking feeling’. Foam mattresses can be quite soft and spongy so you’re more likely to sink into it and have the mattress mould around you. In some cases, you’ll get up in the morning and see a slight indent of your body in the mattress before it springs back to normal. A good example of a memory foam mattress is the Simbatex Foam mattress, which is made of 10 layers of Simba-engineered foam.

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In comparison, a hybrid mattress is a mixture of foam and springs. The design of a hybrid mattress consists of a layer of springs towards the bottom before layers of memory foam are stacked on top of them. A bed base sits at the bottom of the entire construction and a top cover goes over the entire mattress. A good example of a hybrid mattress is the Emma NextGen Premium.

There’s a reason why I’ve picked the Simbatex and Emma NextGen Premium as examples here, and that’s because I made the switch from the former to the latter. Before I get into the signs that you should do the same, it’s important to point out that the Simbatex is a deliciously comfortable mattress and it made a huge difference to my aches and pains when I switched from my old spring mattress to this one.

But overtime, I started to notice that I was sinking into it a bit too much, leaving my hips feeling sore in the morning. I still have it in my guest bedroom and the last person who slept on it said it was the best night’s sleep he’d ever had so it’s definitely worth the 5 stars I gave it in the review. However, since switching to the Emma NextGen, I haven’t had any issues with pain or soreness, and it offers a better sleep experience for me night after night.

So, if your memory foam mattress isn’t cutting it for you anymore, here’s what to look out for.

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7 reasons you should switch from memory foam to hybrid

1. You don’t like that sinking feeling

Memory foam mattresses are most associated with that sinking feeling you get when you lie on it. Depending on the mattress and your preferences, you’ll still get that little bit of support so you’re not completely enveloped by the foam. However, whether you’re fully in the mattress or just experiencing a slight dip, it’s not for everyone and if you’re feeling trapped, it could be a sign that a hybrid mattress is calling your name.

2. Your mattress feels too soft and too firm at different times

As memory foam moves with you, this can result in the firmness level changing throughout the night as it adjusts to your body. However, as it does so, it can often feel like the mattress is a bit too soft in some places and a bit too firm in others. Different types of sleepers need different types of support, so too much sagging or too much firmness can leave some feeling sore in places – more on this below.

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3. It’s not supporting your sleeping position

Memory foam mattresses are suited to a variety of sleepers, particularly those who sleep on their back or stomach. However, the softness and sinking isn’t best for everyone. If you’re waking up with aches and pains around your lower back and hips, you might want to consider switching to a hybrid mattress, as the springs help with spinal alignment and support. Check out these tips for back sleepers, for side sleepers and for stomach sleepers for more.

4. You’re feeling hot and bothered when you wake up

One major drawback of memory foam mattresses is that they trap heat. While some have cooling properties like the Nectar Memory Foam mattress, most memory foam mattresses absorb body heat which can make you feel too hot and sweaty during the night. The springs in a hybrid mattress allow for more airflow to cool you down, even during the hottest nights.

5. You want a bit of bounce

As explained above, memory foam does dip and sink a little which gives your mattress a lack of bounce. If you’re used to a spring mattress and enjoy feeling that bounce, a hybrid mattress is a step in the right direction, as it gives you the bounce while still providing that cradling and plush feeling from foam.

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6. Your partner keeps waking you up

Motion isolation is pretty good on memory foam mattresses but the sinking can make it harder for you to move around at times. Typically, this means for you to move around, you’re almost fighting against the foam to do so which can wake up your partner. I experienced this with my all-foam mattresses and I often felt like I had to climb out of it as I was much further down into the bed than my partner, which would wake him up when I tried to roll over.

7. You feel like you’re falling off the bed

Due to the softness of memory foam, it can sometimes sag and dip towards the sides of the bed. If you don’t sleep too close to the edge, this might not bother you but it can often feel like you’re going to slip off the mattress while you sleep. In comparison, a hybrid mattress has sturdier edges due to its springs, so you’re less likely to fall.

Many mattress manufacturers including Emma, Simba, Nectar, Casper and Tempur offer all-foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses (see the best cheap mattress deals for low prices on all options).

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