5 scents that will boost your focus and productivity

Fed up of procrastinating? These scents will help

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The first official day of spring took place earlier this week, meaning the sun is staying out for longer and temperatures are slowly starting to rise. This change in season often brings a newfound leap in energy, especially when tackling the jobs you've been putting off for ages. It's called spring cleaning for a reason!

However, when it comes to productivity, did you know that choosing the right fragrance to fill your space is equally as important? Out of all the senses, smell has the best ability to influence brain activity, so choosing scents that have been proven to boost focus can be hugely beneficial to your overall productivity levels. 

To find out more, we spoke to Charles Farris, one of Britain’s oldest candlemakers, who shared the best scent profiles that aid clarity and productivity in the warmer months. 

1. Lemon


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Lemon is a vibrant, energising aroma, as well as being a natural motivator. Charles Farris found that the crisp scent of lemon can really clear the mind, leading to better concentration and efficiency in completing tasks. It acts as a psychological wake-up call, promoting clarity and alertness, making it perfect for environments where focus and precision are paramount.

2. Jasmine


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Jasmine is an intriguing scent as it balances a sweet subtlety with a powerful ability to boost alertness. In sensory studies, jasmine has been shown to elevate mood and energy levels, enhancing cognitive performance and attention to detail. It's a sophisticated choice for those looking to refine their focus and elevate their work environment to a more productive state.

3. Ylang-Ylang


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Ylang-Ylang is often misunderstood as merely a soothing aroma, but its benefits extend far into cognitive enhancement. Charles Farris' studies indicate that Ylang-Ylang can maintain calm while simultaneously revitalising the brain's focus capabilities. This makes it an excellent aid for sustained concentration over long periods, ideal for tasks that require endurance and mental stamina.

4. Bergamot 


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Bergamot offers a unique combination of freshness and warmth, the scent that can significantly improve the workspace atmosphere. Its distinctive citrus fragrance elevates mood and alleviates stress, creating an environment that fosters creativity and productivity. Bergamot sets the stage for enhanced problem-solving and decision-making skills through the power of theta waves in the brain, which are vital for any professional setting.

5. Peppermint


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Peppermint is known for being an invigorating fragrance that stimulates the mind and improves focus levels. It's often used in an essential oil form that's diffused, added to a bath or used in a massage oil. Breathing in peppermint fragrance can also help reduce stress and anxiety, perfect in high-pressure situations.

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