Try this 5-minute home ab workout that burns belly fat fast

Tone your abs fast with this quick home workout

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Summer is almost here, so it’s time to pay attention to getting that body ready for the beach. When most people think of losing weight, it’s their belly they ultimately turn their attention to as a benchmark to being fit.

But solely doing endless crunches isn’t the way forward to get a six-pack. You need to eat a well-balanced diet and ensure you’re incorporating some fat burning workouts into your fitness regime.

That said, you can always do a fat-burning ab session at the end of a workout or on your rest days. What’s more, many ab-focused exercises can be done from the comfort of your home with no gym equipment needed. 

Mary Braun ‘s 5-minute workout to get toned and honed abs: How to do it

Mary Braun often shares her fitness tips with an impressive army of 342k YouTube subscribing fans. With taut and toned abs like hers, it’s no surprise she has so many followers in the hope of achieving similar results. In one of her recent videos, she guides you through ten exercises to help your abs become more visible and give you a flat stomach.

Let’s take a look at the workout split; here it is:

  • Hundreds Cross Crunch - 30 seconds 
  • Cross crunch sitting twist - 30 seconds
  • Sitting twist wake up crunch – 30 seconds
  • Wake up crunch straight leg hold – 30 seconds
  • Straight leg hold crunchy roll (right) - 30 seconds
  • Straight leg hold crunchy roll (left) - 30 seconds
  • Crunchy roll (right) - 30 seconds 
  • Crunch roll (left) - 30 seconds
  • Flutter kicks - 30 seconds
  • Toe taps – 30 seconds

Remember: following a healthy, vitamin-rich balanced diet is the way forward to promote overall fitness and reach your goals. Combine this challenge with a fat-burning workout and you will be well and truly on your way to achieving the best results as well as getting that summer body.

It’s time to crunch!

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