5 health and fitness releases the T3 experts recommend this March

R.A.D One, Perple Sports Drink and Theragun Pro Plus
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These days, you can’t go a week without a new product being launched in the health and fitness-sphere; if it’s not a new glucose monitor, it’s a new running shoe. Trying to navigate through the noise and knowing what you need so that you can live your best life isn’t always easy. But don’t sweat it, T3’s Active experts have you covered with the latest tech launches, workout equipment and coolest collections. These are our pick of the top health and fitness releases this March...

R.A.D One MX

R.A.D One MX

(Image credit: R.A.D)

If you read our recent review of the R.A.D One, then you’ll know just how much we rate this workout shoe, especially if you’re looking for a pair that will look good on your feet in and outside the gym. This is the latest drop and it’s part of R.A.D’s Mountain Exploration Dept, although we'd just like to confirm this shoe is not for the mountains, it’s still the brilliant all-round fitness shoe. Don’t ask us why its Founder Ben Massey decided to make it part of this collection, we think it's because it's meant to be inspired by the mountains, maybe? Either way, we’re loving the blue/silver colourway.

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Perple Sports Drink

(Image credit: Perple/PrettyGreen PR)

We’re all aware that energy drinks aren’t exactly good for us, but if you’re that person who can’t train without gulping one down, then you may want to consider Perple instead. It’s a new sports drink curated by scientists at The University of Oxford that's made entirely from natural foods, so you don’t experience any jitters or energy crashes mid-training. The sports drink comes in three fruity flavours (blood orange is our fave), but there’s also endurance mixers if you’re a runner, cycler or triathlete. Sebastian Vettle is just one of its many fans and, from our testing so far, so are we. 

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Theragun Pro Plus

Thereagun Pro Plus

(Image credit: Theragun/Havas Red PR)

It’s been a busy month for Theragun as the brand launched not one, but three new massage guns. The Theragun Pro Plus is the ultimate massage gun for hardcore trainers and is the brand’s most innovative creation yet. It comes with an LED red light, a heart rate sensor on the handle, heat therapy, cold therapy (head sold separately), vibration therapy and it even has a breathwork mode. Basically, everything you could ever need for your recovery packaged into one product. It does, however, cost a whopping £549/$599. If that’s a little out of your price range, check out their other new release – Theragun Relief – their most affordable massage gun yet. 

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Represent 247 SS24 Collection

Represent 247 SS24 Collection

(Image credit: Represent)

Need to give your gym wardrobe a bit of an update for the summer? Look no further than Represent's new 247 Spring/Summer collection. The new capsule features classic comebacks – like oversized hoodies, tank tops and tees – but in fresh colourways for the warmer seasons. There’s some new additions on the block too, specifically for running, including the Cargo Half Tight, Hydration Belt and 2-in-1 5” Trail Shorts. As with all 247 collections, it’s activewear that will look on you in the gym and streets. Just remember, the collections never in stock for long.

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Centr Smart Stack 50 Adjustable Dumbbell

Centr adjustable dumbbells

(Image credit: Centr)

Ok, so retailing at $249 each, these adjustable dumbbells from Chris Hemsworth's wellness brand, Centr, are maybe one for the wish list. However, we had to include them because we don't think we've ever seen such a smart-looking pair of adjustable dumbbells, ever. If you have the cash to splurge on these bad boys they'll save you buying 10 pairs of dumbbells, as each one ranges from 5 lbs to 50 lbs. Made from commercial-grade materials for extra durability, they're the perfect piece of home gym equipment.

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