5 accessories you need to personalise your new car

Check out these essential car accessories…

Garmin Dash Cam 2021
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Looking to upgrade your ride? We've rounded up the best car accessories to get you started. This is less MTV's Pimp My Ride and more like driving through your local branch of Currys, but we think all of the recommendations in this list deserve a place in your car.

Garmin 66W

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1. Dash cam

Dash cams are, in our opinion, the very first piece of technology you should buy for your car. They can prove you innocence in a car accident and some models will even keep an eye on your vehicle while it's parked. You can check out out favourite dash cams by following the link below.

Mpow car phone mount

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2. Car phone mount

I didn't know how useful a good car phone holder could be until I found the right one. Obviously, using your phone while driving is illegal, and putting your phone in the cupholder or arm rest is impractical, so, if you're planning on using your phone as a sat nav for your car, you need one of the phone mounts included in the guide below.

car charger

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3. Car charger

A lot of older cars don't have a USB port for charging your phone, let alone a USB-C port which more modern phones use. These car chargers are a great way of adding more charging slots to your cabin and can be especially useful if you're charging more than one phone, camera, sat nav, dash cam… the list goes on.

Halfords portable jump starter

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4. Jump starter

If your car is getting on a bit, either intentionally vintage or unintentionally just plain old, we'd recommend getting a fancy new jump starter. These handy little devices are a similar size to a smartphone and can be used to jump start a car quicker than saying AAA. They can even be used to charge your smartphone!

Android Auto on dash screen

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5. Android Auto / Apple CarPlay

This upgrade is a little more advanced than plugging a dash cam in, but if you're really serious about upgrading your car then this is well worth considering. You can replace your old stereo system with a new Android Auto or Apple CarPlay system, adding apps like Spotify and Google Maps. Check out our head unit recommendations below.

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