New Echo Show 10 is a smart screen that can follow you round the room

The new Echo Show's rotating display turns to face you, so you can always see what's on-screen

Amazon Echo Show 10
(Image credit: Amazon)

The new Amazon Echo Show 10 has been unveiled by Amazon, and it has a screen that it can rotate around a circular central section, meaning that if you move around the room you're in, you can still see the screen. 

This is useful if you're moving around a kitchen and you're watching a recipe video or just a TV (including on Netflix – a new addition to Echo Show), but also looks great if you use the Echo Show for video calls.

The screen is a 10-inch display (hence the name), and Amazon says it's worked to make sure that the motor is quiet enough that you really won't notice it, because anything else would annoy people.

There's a 2.1 audio system built in, as well as a Zigbee hub, making it work like an Echo Plus too – it matches the new Amazon Echo 2020 in this way.

Amazon is expanding video calling on the show to include Amazon's Chime service as well as Alexa Calling, and it now supports group calls.  The Echo Show 10 has a 13-megapixel camera built in, which is high-res enough to be able to zoom digitally without quality dropping massively, meaning that if you're chatting to someone while moving around the room, the camera won't just physically move to follow you, it'll zoom to keep your framed correctly.

The Amazon Echo Show 10 will be available for $249/£239/AU$399, in Glacier White or Charcoal Black finishes. We don't have a release date yet.

Matthew Bolton
Matthew Bolton

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