The best spirits deals of Prime Day: cheap gin, whisky, bourbon. Cheers!

Stock your booze cupboard with these Prime Day deals

Alcohol Prime Day deals
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It feels like we’ve all earned a drink and Amazon seems to agree, with a selection of the best Prime Day deals on a wide range of alcoholic drinks. So with summer coming and BBQ season upon us, it seems like a pretty good idea to start stocking up on the best booze. And let’s be honest, it’s not like alcohol goes off quickly so you can build your collection and enjoy until Black Friday comes around. 

Here’s a selection of just some of the great alcohol on offer at Amazon this Prime day. We would have included more, but the boss is watching and at this point it’s become more like a personal shopping trip for us, rather than a fact finding mission to find you the best prices, dear reader. 

If alcohol isn't for you, then check out the best Prime Day deals in our comprehensive guide. 

Best alcohol Prime Day deals

Here are some T3 favourites from the vast collection of booze Amazon is selling over Prime Day. If you're keen to see what else is on offer then it has a nifty section (opens in new tab) you can check out. 

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No. 3 London Dry Gin | Was £36.50 | Now £26 | Save £10.50 (opens in new tab)
Put down the cheap gin, this isn't 1984. If you're someone who enjoys the refreshment of a gin and tonic then consider this cracking deal for a bottle of No. 3's delightful dry gin. This tasty alternative to cheap supermarket paint stripper won't embarrass you if the Queen pops by for a quick drink either.

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Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey | Was £32 | Now £25 | Save £7 (opens in new tab)
Stop reading if you're Scottish, but this fantastic deal on bourbon brings the taste of Kentucky whiskey directly to your front door. Of course, even Whisky lovers will enjoy this Woodford reserve bourbon which won the 2020 Bartenders silver medal for taste. 

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Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey | Was £36| Now £19.98 | Save £16.02 (opens in new tab)
This double mellowed, blended whiskey is designed to offer a smooth taste thanks to the distillation process which uses a second charcoal mellowing.  It's like the Jack you know and love, but with a touch of extra refinement. 

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Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky Limited Edition Speyside Origin | Was £45 | Now £32.50 | Save £12.50 (opens in new tab)
It's one of the country's most popular whiskies for a reason, and this deal on Johnnie Walker Black is the perfect present. Why not buy now, and keep it safe until Christmas.

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Malfy Rosa Sicilian Pink Grapefruit Flavoured Gin | Was £28 | Now £21.99 | Save £6.01 (opens in new tab)
If you like a refreshing G&T in the summer months, or even the winter months, then Malfy is a fabulous choice. A subtle, but meaningful taste of grapefruit makes this a moreish and easy-to-drink gin. Mess about with your mixers, and you might find something really tasty to drink this summer. 

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Black Magic Spiced Rum | Was £23.49 | Now £17.49 | Save £6 (opens in new tab)
The complex flavours of this rum make for an enjoyable tasting experience where you'll uncover the hidden spices and flavour. Mix to make a cocktail or enjoy it in a coke for maximum '90s metal nightclub vibes.  

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