Amazon Prime Day 2022 Australia: the best early deals to shop right now

Prime Day 2022 is just days away and Amazon is already teasing us with some great early deals

Amazon Prime Day
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How to shop Prime Day deals

Prime Day is a members-only event, meaning you'll need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to make the most of the big sale. If you'd like to participate, click on the link below to sign up and you'll get a 30-day free trial, plus free and fast delivery on millions of eligible products, and access to a lot of other Amazon services, including Prime Video, Prime Reading and Prime Gaming (previously called Twitch).
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Amazon Prime Day 2022 is just days away! Starting at midnight on Tuesday, July 12, the massive members-only sale will kick off with thousands of offers on all kinds of goodies. Whether you want to stock up on some pantry staples or you're after some high-end tech going cheap, or anything in between, there'll be plenty to shop as the sale end only at 5pm AEST on Thursday, July 14.

We say 'members-only' because, as the name of the sale suggests, the discounts are all Prime exclusive. Some offers tend to bypass the paywall, but the best deals will be for Prime members only. 

If you haven't tried the service yet, you can do sign up now and you'll even get a 30-day free trial (opens in new tab) that includes the sale period. If you don't want to continue with the subscription, you can cancel any time. A Prime subscription has some pretty decent benefits for regular Amazon shoppers, like free and fast delivery, free international shipping for items valued at AU$49 or higher, plus access to other Amazon services like Prime Video, Prime Reading and Twitch.

Prime Day typically brings record low prices on a wide variety of items across several categories, including clothing and fashion, tech and pantry. So it's definitely a good idea to become a Prime member if you're looking to save a pretty penny. 

In fact, you can start shopping right now as Amazon has already started releasing some early Prime Day deals. We've selected some of our favourites and listed them below.

Early Prime Day 2022 deals


Nintendo Switch Lite | AU$329 AU$279 (opens in new tab) (save AU$50)

The handheld-only version of the regular Switch was cheaper a few days ago (just AU$248). While we admit this isn't a great deal in comparison, look at it as a teaser and something to watch out for if you can wait another few days.

Nintendo Switch | AU$469 AU$395 (opens in new tab) (save AU$74)

Prefer a play docked to the TV? Then you’ll be best served by the standard Nintendo Switch. It’s one-part handheld and one-part home console, and yet portable enough to take anywhere. The Nintendo Switch dropped to AU$348 last Prime Day, so we’d suggest holding out to see what will be on offer next week.

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure | AU$124.95 AU$89 (opens in new tab) (save AU$39.95)

The Ring Fit Adventure is an exercise-focused peripheral for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s now 29% off at Amazon. It makes exercise fun under the guise of an RPG, with games targeting specific muscle groups to get you moving. There’s also mini-games galore.

PS5 DualSense wireless controller | AU$109 AU$69 (opens in new tab) (save AU$40)

If you’ve managed to get your hands on a PS5, you might be keen to get an extra gamepad for you or your mates. Amazon has dropped the price of the standard white controller (opens in new tab) down to AU$69, which is very close to the lowest price we’ve seen (AU$68.60). We're not sure the price will drop further, so we'd encourage you to get one now if you're not willing to wait to find out.

Phones & tablets

iPhone 11 (64GB) | AU$849 AU$647 (opens in new tab) (save AU$103)

The iPhone 11 is down to AU$647 on Amazon, which is the lowest outright price we’ve seen it drop to. The arrival of the iPhone 14 later this year is likely to spell the end of the iPhone 11, so consider jumping on this deal if you want a former flagship iPhone at a bargain price. It doesn’t have 5G connectivity like Apple’s new devices though. Note that most colour options are currently out of stock, but the Black is still sticking around.

iPhone 12 (64GB) | AU$1,199 AU$999 (opens in new tab) (save AU$200)

If you want to spend your cash on a slightly newer iPhone, you could snap up the iPhone 12 at 16% off. This device has the same 6.1-inch OLED display as the newer iPhone, though the iPhone 13 beats it with slightly better battery life and camera specs. There are stock issues here too, but the Blue and Purple options seem to be available in plenty.

iPad Air 5 (2022, 64GB, Wi-Fi) | AU$929 AU$886 (opens in new tab) (save AU$43)

It's the latest iPad Air and it comes with the remarkable M1 processor, the same silicon powering the 2020 MacBooks. If you’re a digital artist or gamer, you’re sure to appreciate the extra punch. This deal is only available on the purple version (opens in new tab) with 64GB, but keep an eye on it as other colours may be cheaper on Prime Day.

Personal audio

Prime exclusive

Amazon Echo Buds | AU$169 AU$99 (opens in new tab) (save AU$70)

Need active noise cancellation but don't want to spend top dollar? Amazon's own Echo Buds are back to their lowest price yet , to Australia last year and, within a couple of months, dropped its price to its lowest yet. This discount is on the wired charging case, but another AU$30 more you can get the Echo Buds with Wireless Charging Case (opens in new tab), which are also discounted back to their lowest price.

Apple AirPods Pro | AU$399 AU$329 (opens in new tab) (save AU$70)

The AirPods Pro offer solid noise cancellation, great audio performance and a better fit thanks to silicon tips. If you already own an iPhone, then these buds are a good shout, even more so when you can get them on sale. This isn’t the lowest price we’ve seen – that was AU$278 last month – so we’d suggest keeping an eye on them to see if the price drops on Prime Day.

Apple AirPods (2019) | AU$219 AU$187 (opens in new tab) (save AU$32)

If you’re not fussed on noise cancellation and you just want an affordable pair of Apple true wireless buds, you could opt for the second-gen AirPods. They’ve got excellent connectivity for iPhone users, and offer quick access to the Siri voice assistant. Sound quality is good but not great, and bass can be a little underwhelming. This is another item we'd suggest waiting till next week for, as we've got a feeling you could save a few more dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live | AU$249 AU$135 (opens in new tab) (save AU$114)

These bean-shape buds provide a surprisingly good fit and sound quality, with an extra dose of punchy bass. The noise-cancelling capabilities aren't the best, so skip these if that’s essential to you. The white (opens in new tab) version is cheapest at AU$135.

Apple AirPods Max | AU$899 AU$679 (opens in new tab) (save AU$220)

We’ve spotted Apple’s mighty expensive headphones on sale a few times, and now the pink (opens in new tab) version is down to AU$679. We're hoping this might drop to its lowest price we saw back in March (AU$580), so we’d suggest keeping an eye on these next week. They’re among the best-sounding headphones we've ever tested, with unbelievable audio performance.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 | AU$129 AU$85 (opens in new tab) (save AU$44)

This little Bluetooth speaker packs a mighty punch that belies its size. And it's waterproof too. You can now grab one (or more) in black (opens in new tab), red (opens in new tab) or blue (opens in new tab) from Amazon for just AU$85, which is 35% off.


Apple Watch 7 (GPS, 41mm) | AU$599 AU$499 (opens in new tab) (save AU$100)

The Watch 7 is the most recent of Apple’s wearables, but it’s basically the Watch 6 with a slightly larger screen and faster charging. It's been rare to find an offer on the Series 7 Watch, so we'd recommend jumping on this AU$100 off if you don't want to wait to see what Prime Day brings. ECG monitoring now works in Australia, so you'll get the most out of this wearable's great fitness features. Discount currently only on the red version (opens in new tab) in the smaller 41mm case.

Fitbit Sense | AU$449 AU$382 (opens in new tab) (save AU$67)

OK, so this isn't the best price  we've seen on the most capable Fitbit yet (that was AU$298 a long time ago), but it's hard not to list it here. With ECG capabilities that work in Australia, it's a great alternative to the more expensive Apple Watch. There's even stress monitoring on board here. There's currently 15% off on the Carbon/Graphite (opens in new tab) and Lunar White/Soft Gold (opens in new tab) editions.

Fitbit Versa 3 | AU$399.95 AU$195 (opens in new tab) (save AU$204.95)

At 51% off, this is the lowest price we can remember the Fitbit's most popular smartwatch range dropping to. We're not sure it's going to get better than this next week, so if you really want an affordable and yet very capable smartwatch cum brilliant fitness tracker, snap this up now. This low price is only on the black (opens in new tab) colour option, although the Pink Clay/Soft Gold (opens in new tab) edition is only four dollars more at AU$199.

Fitbit Charge 5 | AU$269.95 AU$195.54 (opens in new tab) (save AU$74.41)

Admittedly you can pick up a smartwatch (the Versa 3 above) for the same price as Fitbit's latest-generation Charge, but here's why we think this 28% discount is a good deal – there's stress management here, something the Versa 3 misses out. Plus, pick up this Charge 5 and, if you've never tried Fitbit Premium before, you unlock 6 months free of in-depth metrics, guided exercises and much more.

If you're comfortable buying from a third party, you can save a couple of more bucks – just click on the 'New from' button to get it for AU$193.71.

Polar Vantage M2 | AU$399 AU$297.95 (opens in new tab) (save AU$101.05)

This is an absolutely brilliant price for a triathlon-ready multisport watch. It's not as full-featured as the Vantage V2 but it still scored a 4-star review (opens in new tab) from us. It looks good on the wrist, is light and comfortable to wear all day, plus it comes with easy-to-understand controls and smarts.

Smart home

Lowest price

Amazon Echo Show 15 | AU$399 AU$321 (opens in new tab) (save AU$78)

Love your smart home gizmos and gadgets? If you're after a central hub to control them all, Amazon's 15.6-inch smart display might just be what you're after. You can wall-mount it vertically or horizontally and leave digital sticky notes on it for the whole family. Calendar options, weather at a glance, video calls, streaming services, recipes... the list goes on, and all with Alexa's help. This Prime-exclusive offer shaves 19% off the asking price and, guess what? That's the best price yet!

Prime exclusive

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite | AU$319 AU$219 (opens in new tab) (save AU$100)

Amazon's own Ring cameras are pretty full-featured if you're after a security system for your home. This particular model is easy to install, works indoors or out, offers 1080p security footage that's easily accessible on your phone, tablet or PC and lets you speak to anyone at your door remotely too. With AU$100 off, this is a smart buy.

Personal care

Philips Multigroom Series 5000 11-in-1 trimmer | AU$89.95 AU$69.95 (opens in new tab) (save AU$20)

This trimmer/clipper is already pretty affordable at full price, but throw in the 22% discount on Amazon it becomes even more worthwhile if you need something to keep you looking your best. With 11 tools in the bag, up to 80 minutes of runtime and waterproofing, there's plenty of bang for your buck.

Philips Multigroom Series 7000 18-in-1 trimmer | AU$209 AU$167.20 (opens in new tab) (save AU$41.80)

Need more from your trimmer than what the Series 5000 listed above can offer? Then take advantage of this 20% off on the Series 7000 and look after your needs from head to toe. There's plenty of juice in the battery to run for up to 5 hours and 18 tools makes it one of the most versatile trimmers you can get.

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 electric toothbrush | AU$199 AU$139 (opens in new tab) (save AU$60)

While the DiamondClean range of Philips' electric toothbrushes might be the best of the best, they are pretty darn expensive. If you're after a new cleaner for your pearly whites that won't burn through your budget, the ProtectiveClean series is more than capable. There are three modes and a built-in pressure sensor, so you really aren't losing out.


Instant Pot Vortex Plus XXL air fryer | AU$269 AU$187 (opens in new tab) (save AU$89)

Six different functions, one device. Fry, roast, broil, bake, dehydrate or simply reheat – and it's all in a decently sized 5.7L air fryer from one of the most popular brands in the business. Now with 30% off the list price on Amazon. This isn't the lowest price we've seen, but if you're willing to wait till next week, there's a possibility you'll see a better price.

Instant Pot Vortex Mini air fryer | AU$149 AU$79 (opens in new tab) (save AU$70)

Some time towards the end of last year, this smaller Instant Pot air fryer dropped to just AU$67 apiece on Amazon. We're not quite sure whether we'll see the same low price again during Prime Day, but trust us when we say this is worth every penny. It's perfect for single-person households and small kitchens. This 47% discount is only on the red (opens in new tab) version, with the black (opens in new tab) one getting only 30% off, down to AU$99. 

Philips Airfryer Essential (HD9200/21) | AU$199 AU$129 (opens in new tab) (save AU$70)

Like the Vortex Mini above, the Philips Airfryer Essential is small in size and price. It’s got a 0.8kg / 4.1L capacity, and it can fry, bake, grill, roast and reheat. It’s also got very simple controls, with only a time and temperature dial for cooking. This air fryer dropped to AU$100 during the EOFY sales, so we’d suggest waiting to see what its price will be on Prime Day.

PCs & peripherals

Logitech K780 wireless keyboard | AU$119.95 AU$83 (opens in new tab) (save AU$36.95)

This unassuming keyboard is one of the easiest to set up if you're after a sleek, minimalist option for your WHF setup or to use with your tablet. It's a full-sized keyboard with a number pad, quiet keys and can be paired with up to three devices.

Logitech MX Vertical ergonomic mouse | AU$169.95 AU$139 (opens in new tab) (save AU$30.95)

If you find yourself developing RSI due to constant mouse use, you might want to consider swapping it out for an ergonomic option. One of our staff did and she couldn't be happier! It truly is comfortable, but note that this suits larger hands better.

Prime exclusive

Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi router (3-pack) | AU$389 AU$253 (opens in new tab) (save AU$136)

The Eero Mesh Wi-Fi router system is good value at this discounted price. It’s simple to setup, and this three-pack promises extended Wi-Fi coverage in large homes, to help you stay connected in every room. If you just want a single unit, you can grab one for 35% off (opens in new tab) at just AU$97. But note that this offer is exclusive to Prime members.

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 | AU$129 AU$98 (opens in new tab) (save AU$31)

The Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is an excellent pocket-sized portable mouse capable of connecting to three devices at once, so you can switch from one device to another with the click of a button. You can also get 70 days of use from a full charge, which is seriously impressive. Now AU$31 off at Amazon.

Razer Kiyo X | AU$139 AU$59 (opens in new tab) (save AU$80)

The Razer Kiyo X is a great pick if you’re looking for a budget-friendly webcam with topnotch performance. It offers 1080p video at 30fps, or 720p video at 60fps, and also comes equipped with nifty auto focus. And this whopper of a discount is likely not going to get any better.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Prime Day typically kicks off at midnight on a Monday in the middle of July. So we were expecting the 2022 edition to begin on July 11.

We weren't far off the mark with that prediction as Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2022 will begin 12am AEST on Tuesday, July 12. Local Aussie deals will end in 48 hours, i.e. by 11:59pm AEST on Wednesday, July 13. But hold on, we still get more! With some items available locally from Amazon US and Amazon UK, our deals don't end till Prime Day finishes on the US West Coast. So international deals will continue until 5pm AEST on Thursday, July 14.

Your credit cards can take a breather after that.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day began as a 24-hour sale in the US in 2015 to celebrate Amazon's 20th anniversary, but it quickly took a very different role for the retail giant. With a higher volume of deals than on the corresponding Black Friday and with bigger discounts on offer, it proved to me a money mill for Amazon, and the company has carried on hosting the big sale ever since.

It has, of course, grown. It's now held in several countries and over 48 hours. In Australia, however, we get a whooping 65 hours to enjoy shopping. That's because we get to purchase items that are imported from the US and the UK, so the sale carries on till it ends on the US West Coast.

It’s worth reiterating that the bulk of the Prime Day deals are exclusively available only to Prime members, so to get the best savings out of this event you will need an Amazon Prime membership (opens in new tab). In Australia, Amazon Prime is billed at just AU$6.99 per month, or AU$59 yearly. This small fee gets you not only access to great deals and savings, you also get free expedited shipping on thousands of eligible items, as well as free access to Amazon services like Prime Video, Prime Reading and Prime Gaming (aka Twitch).

Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals to expect

Prime Day always offers incredible savings across tens of thousands of products from beauty to consumer electronics, fashion, home improvement and tools, luggage, pantry food and drink, toys, video games and more. 

First and foremost of the discounts will be on Amazon's own hardware. You can pick a smart speaker or smart display for a fraction of their RRP, throw in a few smart lights to kickstart your smart home setup. If that's just one too many 'smarts' for you, and you prefer a good story to get lost in, Prime Day is a great time to pick up a Kindle. And, more importantly, there's a very good chance Amazon will either discount Kindle Unlimited or offer an extended free trial of three months to new customers.

Prime members will also be able to access deals across big brands such as Bosch, Calvin Klein, Fitbit, Lacoste, Lego, Lenovo, L’Oreal, Nintendo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Yamaha and more. 

Other Prime Day regulars are electric toothbrushes, wireless headphones and speakers, cameras and so much more, so expect discounts from brands including Bose, Philips, Sony, Samsung and others.

The important bit here is that Amazon now has an Apple Store on its site and, as of December 2021, iPhones are available as well. While there have been no significant iPhone discounts yet, we’re hoping Prime Day 2022 sets a wonderful precedent.

Looking back, what did you buy during Prime Day 2021? We went back and checked out our list of top deals from last year and found, as expected, gaming gear hit the mark. But that was closely followed by fitness wearables and big-brand headphones.  Below is a small taster of the top Prime Day deals we saw in June 2021.

Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire | AU$1,299 AU$649 (save AU$650)

The Garmin Fenix 6 is the top dog in the world of sports watches and this position comes with a healthy price tag. Last year, though, Amazon slashed that exorbitant price of the premium wearable in half allowing for a huge saving of AU$650 to be had. The Fenix has got top-notch adventure tracking and GPS-based mapping for when you’re off the beaten path. As the Sapphire version, it features a scratch-resistant sapphire lens. While we can’t say for certain we’ll see the same offer again, we can definitely tell you there’ll be plenty of half-price Garmin watches come Prime Day 2022.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 | AU$599 AU$376 (save AU$223)

Bose's premium and elegant flagship ANC cans were almost half price on Amazon for Prime Day 2021, with the discount available in both Black and Silver. There’s now a third colour option also available and they’ve seen steep discounts since June last year, so chances are very high you could see record-low prices on these fantastic headphones when Prime Day comes knocking again. Designed for comfort and style, these headphones provide the best ANC the company has to offer, solid call quality (with noise cancellation for environmental sounds), and a well-balanced, clear audio.

Philips Airfryer Premium XXL | AU$399 AU$299 (save AU$130)

If you're keen to get into air frying, why not start with the best? Chances are you can score the Philips Airfryer Premium XXL, with its 1.4kg capacity, at a nice low price as it saw a decent discount last year and during Black Friday 2021 too. It’s big enough to cook for the whole family, and  gets the job done quickly and  without the need for a large amount of oil – far healthier than a regular pan frying.

Lenovo, Asus and Acer Chromebooks | up to 40% off

Whether you're a student looking for an affordable laptop or you're just chasing a solid, portable computing solution, Chromebooks are a great option. Amazon has been stocking some excellent Chromebooks lately and some were discounted quite steeply last year. We’re hoping to see a repeat of the same, especially after Amazon slashed prices deeply during Black Friday too.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) | AU$59 AU$39 (save AU$20)

It was just AU$19 quite recently but then bounced back to its usual discounted price of AU$39. While we’re almost certain we’ll see it drop to AU$19 again for Prime Day, we’re hoping the latest generation of the Echo Dot, with its UFO-like design, gets a similar price cut this Prime Day, a great bargain for anyone keen on a cheap way to get into smart homes.

Is Prime free on Prime Day?

If you have not had an Amazon Prime account before then, yes, you can get a free Prime trial for Prime Day (or for any other day). Amazon offers all customers a free 30-day trial of Prime. You can cancel at any time during the trial and you won't be charged a thing.

If you decide to pay for Prime once your trial ends, that'll cost you AU$6.99 a month or AU $59 a year. Unlike in the US, Amazon Australia does not offer discounted student memberships or a family plan.

Click here to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership (opens in new tab).

How to find the best Prime Day deals

Shopping Amazon Prime Day can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience if you aren't prepared for what's ahead. While Prime Day is some of the most fun deal hunters will have all year, it can easily go bad if you aren't sure what of to look for – or how to look for it. Here are some helpful suggestions to shopping Amazon Prime Day and tips on how to save the most money this year.

Don't just shop at Amazon: This may be a weird one to hear, considering this is Amazon Prime Day we're talking about, but hear us out. Since Prime Day has gotten so dang popular over the years, many retailers out there are trying to get in on the action by running their own Prime Day-like sales alongside Amazon. If you've got a favourite store you like to shop at, don't be afraid to shop there as well. You'll be surprised what kind of discounts you can find.

Trust your gut on reviews: Here's the thing with Amazon's review system, it's not very good at filtering out useless and unhelpful feedback. If you head to almost any major product released in the past year, you'll see one star reviews with one sentence clearly expressing dissatisfaction and nothing else. You may even find "fake reviews" to help deter you from a good product or even steer you towards buying a bad product. If it's something you truly want and it's on sale, reviews may help but at the end of the day it's your money!

Compare prices: This applies to everything. Clothing, electronics, you name it. If it's on sale during Prime Day, chances are every seller who has it is dropping their prices. What you may not know, however, is that it may be cheaper in some cases to check out alternative sellers. Don't be afraid to click that "see other buying options" button from time to time.

Stick with us: If you don't want to spend too much time and energy in bargain hunting during Prime Day, then bookmark this page as we'll be doing just that for you. T3's deals team will be on hand to pick out the juiciest offers on a wide variety of tech and lifestyle products and we'll list them right here in an easy-to-navigate page.

Are Prime Day deals worth it?

The question of "Are Prime Day deals worth it?" gets asked quite a lot around this time, and quite frankly there's a yes and a no answer to this one. Depending on what exactly you're hoping to buy, Prime Day could be the perfect chance to get the best discount, while it may be more beneficial to wait until Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales when the same or similar product could see a bigger discount at a different retailer.

That said, Prime Day deals are definitely worth if when it comes to electronics, smart tech and, of course, Prime services. Most Prime services, including Kindle Unlimited (opens in new tab) and Amazon Music Unlimited (opens in new tab)  get some pretty sweet offers for newcomers and Prime members alike.

Sharmishta is T3 sister site TechRadar's Managing Editor for APAC, and contributes to T3 on occasion, particularly if any local Aussie product testing is needed. She's a keen photographer, managing Digital Camera World for the APAC region, and also helps produce two of Future's photography magazines in Australia. She loves trying to find ways and means to make her home (and life) smarter and, when she's got time to herself, she can usually be found with her nose buried in a good book... erm, ereader.