Amazon Prime Day 2024: what to expect from the huge annual sales event

Amazon's Prime Day sale is nearly upon us in Australia and this is all you need to know to get yourself prepared.

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Amazon Prime Day in Australia continues to edge closer, and we're now roughly one month away from the sales extravaganza. Amazon has previously confirmed Prime Day will be happening in July, but is remaining silent on the all-important exact dates. Amazon's previous deals-heavy sale, Prime Big Deal Days, took place in October 2023 (although it feels like only last week), but whenever there's a chance to score some big savings, we sit up to attention. 

While we may not know the exact dates Amazon Prime Day deals will begin dropping in Australia, we are still able to make some logical guesses as to the dates you should be pencilling in your diary, based on previous Amazon sales. In 2024, we suspect Prime Day in Australia will begin on Monday, July 15 and run until one minute to midnight on Tuesday, July 16. This is purely speculation for now, it must be said, but we're feeling pretty lucky.

What we can be sure of is that Amazon Prime Day in Australia represents one of the best chances to score some major savings on big-name brands across a wide range of products. 

Amazon’s own devices tend to receive the biggest and best discounts, but you can also find a range of deals on tech, fashion and beauty, homewares and much more. The deals are also (usually) exclusive to Amazon Prime members during Prime Day (the clue is in the name) but very occasionally do we see deals available to all Amazon shoppers. 

So, for what to look forward to during the 2024 Prime Day sale in Australia and our predictions as to when it will take place and what deals to expect, read on. 

Amazon Prime Day 2024: Everything you need to know

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an annual shopping event that has become a genuine rival/alternative to Black Friday, since its inception in the US in 2020. We say this because the deals available through Amazon on Prime Day are some of the best we see all year, meaning it’s one you really want to pay attention to if you want to score big name brands for less. 

And, while it may have the singular word ‘Day’ in its title, previous Amazon Prime Day sales have hit nearly three days in length, giving you plenty of time to shop.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2024 in Australia?

We don’t yet know the official dates of the next Prime Day, but the online retail giant has confirmed it will be taking place in July. Based on previous years, it has tended to begin on a Monday and so with this in mind, we think the 2024 Prime Day will begin on July 15 in Australia, but this is purely speculation for now. 

The Australian Prime Day sale in 2023 officially ran from 00:01am AEST on July 11 and ended at 11.59pm AEST on July 12. However, because Australian Amazon shoppers are able to shop deals from international stores including the US, UK, Germany and Japan, we were treated to an extended Prime Day that hit a total 65-hours in length. As for whether we’ll get the same treatment this year remains to be seen. 

Is Prime Day twice a year?

In a way, yes, but we only have 2023 to go off to help answer this question. This is because in 2023 there was a second sale known as Prime Big Deal Days in October and while it technically had a different name to the more established Prime Day, it was virtually the same in every other way. 

We don’t know for sure whether Amazon will host this second Prime Day sale in 2024, but given the success of it, we wouldn’t be too shocked to see one. 

When was Prime Day 2023?

Amazon Prime Day 2023 was a 65-hour deals marathon that kicked off at 00.01am AEST on July 11. While local offers (aka shipping from Amazon AU and local businesses) ended at 11:59pm AEST on July 12, we got to shop for a little longer. With deals from Japan, Germany, the UK and the US now available via Amazon AU, our sale finally finished at 5pm AEST on July 13 (when the sale finishes in the US West Coast).

Is Prime Day worth it?

We think Amazon Prime Day is absolutely worth it, yes. Based on previous Prime Day sales events we’ve covered in Australia, it’s become clear that it’s one of the best chances to snap up some genuine bargains…but only if you’re a Prime member. 

Do I need to be a Prime Member for Amazon Prime Day?

Yep, you do. Prime Day deals are reserved exclusively for Amazon Prime members, but it’s not exactly a bad thing to be a Prime member in our opinion, so if you’ve yet to sign-up, we’d recommend you do so. 

An Amazon Prime membership has the added benefits of free next-day delivery on eligible items and access to Prime Video, among others, making it well worth the AU$9.99 monthly fee (or AU$79 annual fee) in our opinion. These prices do represent a slight increase, which occurred in 2023, but we think the inclusions still make it a worthwhile investment. 

If you’ve yet to sign-up to Amazon Prime and feel you’d only really want a membership to take advantage of Prime Day deals, then you can sign-up for a free 30-day trial a day or so before it kicks off. 

Amazon Prime Day 2024: Our predictions

It’s too early to determine exactly which products will receive the discount treatment during the 2024 Prime Day sale in Australia, but we can safely assume that Amazon’s own devices will see their prices slashed. 

This means products such as the Fire TV Stick and all its variants; Echo smart speakers and displays and Kindle ereaders will all be on the end of some major discounts, making Prime Day an ideal time to upgrade your smart home tech. 

Elsewhere we can make logical assumptions that there will be some great deals on items such as headphones, phones, laptops and TVs, but exactly which products within these categories remains to be seen. If you’re looking to upgrade your home appliances, Prime Day again tends to present itself as a great opportunity, with deals on vacuum cleaners, coffee machines and air fryers. 

Amazon Prime Day 2024: Our shopping tips

If you’ve been following T3 for some time now, you’re likely already an expert Amazon deals shopper (and we’re proud of you) but if you need a refresh or for the uninitiated, we have some top shopping tips to help you make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2024 in Australia.

1. Sign-up for a free Amazon Prime membership trial

As we’ve already mentioned, Amazon Prime Day deals are exclusive to Amazon Prime members. If you’ve not previously been a Prime member, then we recommend signing up for a free 30-day trial just before the sale kicks off. This way you can take full advantage of Prime Day without the commitment to a full subscription.

2. Make yourself a shopping list 

Knowing what you want to buy before Prime Day kicks off can prove to be invaluable in our experience. While it can be fun (for us at least) to click through all the pages of deals during Prime Day, if you have an exact item in mind or at the very least you know which product category you’re interested in, then your Prime Day experience can be simplified. If something you’re after is available in physical stores in Australia, it could be a good idea to go and check it out so you can determine if you actually do want it or not.

3. Keep your eyes peeled for the full event

While it will be all horses out the gate as soon as Prime Day drops in Australia, we have seen some deals being added at later stages throughout the two days in previous years. We therefore recommend you keep checking back regularly, or at least bookmark this T3 page, as we’ll be updating it with what we consider to be the best deals most worth your money.

4. Check prices against other retailers 

Just because Amazon will be hogging the limelight during Prime Day doesn’t mean other Aussie retailers won’t be getting in on the sales action. We have occasionally seen others cottoning on to the popularity of Prime Day, and so some price match – or in rare cases, price beat – the prices you see on Amazon. Here at T3 we’ll be sure to price check all the products we feature to make sure you’re getting the best savings. 

5. Trust your gut on reviews

Amazon’s review system isn’t very good at filtering out useless and unhelpful feedback. If you head to almost any major product released in the past year, you might see one-star reviews with a single sentence clearly expressing dissatisfaction and nothing else. You may even find "fake reviews" to help deter you from a good product or even steer you towards buying a bad product. If it’s something you truly want and it’s on sale, you can use free services like Fakespot to make sure the user reviews are genuine.

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