At last: powered secateurs! For you, branches, the war is over

Bosch EasyPrune makes it easy to prune, by using the same tech found in electric bikes

So, spring is nearly here – don't laugh – so if you're a gardener, you should be readying yourself to resume the never-ceasing battle against nature. A key weapon in your arsenal this year: EasyPrune, the first power-assisted secateurs from Bosch.

The German drills-to-driverless-cars mega-brand also makes motors for electric bicycles. These apply more power when you hit a gradient, and EasyPrune takes a similar approach to stubborn shrubbery.

The EasyPrune is not a great deal bulkier than a standard pair of secateurs, and as Bosch puts it, "Cuts cleanly into any wood, from fibrous to thick," trimming errant branches, "with a diameter of up to 25 millimetres."

This may sound inconsequential to non-horticulturalists, but pruning branches is not generally a fun task. It can be hard work, and it makes your hand and wrist sore. EasyPrune may have a stupid name, but it gives up to 450 power-assisted cuts per battery charge, and that could save a lot of wrist ache.

To ensure that the cutting operation is controlled at all times, the power-assist function only kicks in when the handles are actively squeezed together as they would be with conventional secateurs. 

Again rather like electric bikes, there's a choice of three power settings – if you only use the most powerful setting, you will get shorter battery life, of course.

Your standard, non-powered secateurs also get jammed all too frequently on sturdier twigs. But not the EasyPrune, which, "delivers a far superior and therefore satisfying performance." The power-assist means you no longer need to stop, prise the branch out of the tool, then reposition it to recommence hostilities.

• Bosch EasyPrune has an RRP of £84.99 

Duncan Bell
Duncan Bell

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