Amazon Prime Day 2020 officially confirmed by Amazon

The online retailer has made it official - Amazon Prime Day 2020 is a go

Amazon Prime Day
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Prime Day usually comes around every July, showering Prime members with sizzling summer deals and discounts across a range of its products. As we head into the latter half of the month, you have have noticed that you haven't had a chance to splurge yet, with Amazon putting the brakes on its bonanza because of the global health crisis.

Officially speaking, Amazon hadn't confirmed its plans for Prime Day, even when it started to get its logistics operations up and running again, but it's thrown its customers a few crumbs with its Big Style Fashion sale last month, and great deals on its own devices in the interim. But the online retailer has finally shared news of its plans, and Prime Day hasn't been cancelled after all.

Amazon has confirmed that Prime Day 2020 will be going ahead in a number of regions, giving a date for India, and keeping things a bit more vague for its UK customers, while confirming that they do indeed have something to look forward to.

"Over the last five years, Prime Day has become a special celebration and time for Prime members to shop incredible deals for themselves and for friends and family – and it’s something we look forward to every year. This year we’ll be holding Prime Day later than usual, while ensuring the safety of our employees and supporting our customers and selling partners.  

"We are excited Prime members in India will see savings on August 6-7, and that members all around the world will experience Prime Day later this year. We look forward to sharing more details soon."

While a UK date hasn't been forthcoming, Amazon did say that "Prime Day 2020 in the UK will be held later this year".

While Amazon is still keeping schtum on UK dates, previous reports suggest that Prime Day 2020 will fall on October 5, although sellers were told that "a definitive date will be announced as we get closer to the event." 

So you've got plenty of time to start saving your pennies for the two-day sale extravaganza!