The best iPhone chargers for US and UK: perfect iPhone 12 chargers, from Apple, Anker and more

These iPhone chargers range power adapters to wireless charging pads, to juice up your iPhone (and more) without fuss

Best iPhone charger
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You shouldn’t really have to shop around for the best iPhone chargers, but here we are. Apple’s latest iPhone models only come with a USB-C to lightning cable and no power adapter. While this decision to forgo a wall power adapter is partly an eco-conscious decision according to Apple, it can inconvenience to iPhone 12 owners if you don't have a suitable power adapter already. We talked about it more in our iPhone 12 review and iPhone 12 Pro review.

If you don't own a laptop with a USB-C port or a USB-C charger, you'll need to purchase a wall charger separately to charge your phones. Luckily, it won’t cost that much more, and there’s a plethora of USB-C chargers already available to those who need them – and you could get one that gives you more options than just a regular Apple one will. 

But, which iPhone charger to choose? We’ve trimmed down the list to make it easier for you. Whether you need the cheapest iPhone charger out there, are a multi-device owner, or want to step into the world of wireless charging, we’ve got the best iPhone chargers here for your consideration, whichever version you own. 

And if you just want whichever one Apple makes because you know that will work well with it, then we can help there too…

What’s the best iPhone charger?

Any device must deliver that excellent balance of price, performance and features to be considered the best, and we’ve used the same principles to choose the best iPhone charger in 2020. 

Apple’s own 20W USB-C Power Adapter will be the number one choice for most people. It’s designed to offer fast and efficient charging, and built to deliver optimal performance when paired with Apple devices. What’s more, this power adapter is portable and won’t set you back more than £19 / $19.

If, however, you want something even cheaper, you should consider the Anker Nano 20W iPhone Charger. It's just as fast to charge your phone as the Apple one, but saves you a little extra, while still being (as the name implies) pretty compact.

Jumping into the wireless bandwagon is easy with so many options out there. We’d go with the CHOETECH Dual Wireless Charger if it’s your first time. This wireless charger is a great entry into the world of wireless charging for its affordable price, and gives you spaces for two devices.

Best iPhone charger: Apple 20W power adapter

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1. Apple 20W USB-C power adapter

The best iPhone charger overall

Power output: 20W
Ports: 1x USB-C
Cable included: No
Reasons to buy
+Great compact design+20W is perfect for iPhones
Reasons to avoid
-One only port

Apple’s own 20W USB-C Power Adapter delivers impressively fast charging to your iPhone, whether you have an iPhone 12 or an iPhone 8. It can juice up both the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 up to 50% in just 30 minutes. In short, it delivers a lot of battery life in a short amount of time, which will save you a whole lot of headache when you’re travelling and need quick directions or are expecting a business call.

It's all pretty impressive for something so compact – the UK version even includes folding prongs, so it's way, way better for packing. It’s slightly bigger than its USB predecessor, but still tiny enough to slip into your pocket. It's pretty affordable too – it's the simplest option, works great, looks good, and deserves to be the go-to for most people.

The one downside is that it only has a single port, so only works for one USB-C cable at a time. If you're not worried about charging multiple devices from one adapter, then it's all great.

best iPhone charger: Anker 30W 2-port fast charger

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3. Anker 30W 2-port Fast Charger

Dual ports for multi-device users on a budget

Power output: 30W total
Ports: 1x USB-C, 1x USB
Cable included: No
Reasons to buy
+Both key port types+Plenty of power
Reasons to avoid
-A bit bulkier

These days, most of us have loads of devices to charge at any given moment – whether it’s your phone and a smartwatch, or a phone and a tablet – which means that having the ability to charge two devices simultaneously isn’t just convenient, it’s time-saving. That's why we recommend Anker’s two-port charger on our list here.

With a total power output of 30W, it can deliver 18W of power via its USB-C port and 12W of power via its USB-A port. That gives you fast-enough charging for iPhone 11 and 12 users, while also juicing up something else at basically the fastest rate USB allows.

It doesn't cost much more than Apple's one-port adapter, and while it's obviously bigger, it's simpler and a better use of space than two different chargers!

Anker Nano

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2. Anker Nano 20W iPhone charger

A great-value alternative to Apple's charger

Power output: 20W
Ports: 1x USB-C
Cable included: No
Reasons to buy
+Nice and small+20W of fast charging
Reasons to avoid
-Just one port

Anker is no stranger to offering alternative yet affordable chargers in a third-party marketplace. In fact, it’s become one of the most trusted brands out there. So, it’s hardly a surprise that it has the best budget iPhone charger in its roster. It only costs a little less than Apple's own option, but if you want to save everything you can, it's a great buy! The only downside is that the UK version doesn't have folding prongs, unlike Apple's option.

The Nano 20W iPhone charger delivers 20W power output (unsurprisingly), which means that it will charge just as fast as Apple’s for less. And it's similarly compact – the one downside for UK buyers is that the prongs don't fold.

best iPhone charger

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4. Choetech 5-Coil dual wireless charging pad

Join the wireless revolution with this wire-free iPhone charger

Power output: 18W (max. 10W per device)
Ports: 2x Qi wireless
Cable included: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Double wireless charging+High-power Qi charging
Reasons to avoid
-Not as fast charging as MagSafe

If you haven’t used the Qi charging standard yet, you’re in for a nice treat – so nice you’ll probably never want to go back to wired charging. This wireless power transfer standard makes it so that you never have to struggle finding the charging end of your phone in the dark or even find a compatible cable when you’ve frayed your old one.

Not that it’s for everyone. Sadly, there are times when wireless charging can be a bit of an inconvenience – like if your phone case gets in the way, for example. That’s what makes the Choetech dual wireless charger the perfect entry point into the world of wireless charging. This Qi-certified charging pad is affordable, and touts five charging coils so you won’t have to look for the sweet spot.

To make it even better value, it enables you to charge two devices simultaneously, and comes with its own charging cable and adapter. Whether you’re looking to see if wireless charging is for you, or you need a reliable iPhone charger to invest in, this wireless charging pad has you covered.

It can charge iPhones at 7.5W and other devices at up to 10W. Apple's own MagSafe adapter manages 15W of charging, but it doesn't do two Qi devices at once, so we'll take that trade-off.

best iPhone charger: RAVPower 65W 4-Port desktop charging station

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5. RAVPower 65W 4-Port desktop charging station

The best iPhone desktop charger is ideal for multitaskers

Power output: 65W total
Ports: 2x USB-C, 2x USB
Cable included: No
Reasons to buy
+Charge a laptop!+Or lots of smaller devices+Compact
Reasons to avoid
-A more expensive option

If you just can’t tear yourself away from your desk and laptop, perhaps a desktop charging station might just be what the IT specialist ordered. Desktop charging stations are better than typical chargers for several reasons. They usually come equipped with a variety of ports to meet your office charging needs, and they are designed to sit on your desk so you can easily access those ports.

RAVPower’s 65W 4-Port desktop charging station has four ports – two USB-Cs and two USB-A ports – fitted in a sleek, portable body, thanks to the GaN technology it’s utilising. Better yet, it boasts an intelligent power allocation feature that allows it to distribute its 65W total power when you’re using several ports at the same time. Using the two USB-C ports simultaneously, for example, gives you 45W power allocation in one and 18W in the other.  

Best for multitasking masters, the RAVPower 65W 4-Port desktop charging station is the perfect companion for creatives and professionals.