The best Amazon Echo deals for Cyber Monday: the best cheap Alexa deals

Get the best Amazon Echo deal for you today, on Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Studio and more devices!

Echo Cyber Monday deals
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Nobody likes paying full price, so here are the best Amazon Echo deals, covering everything from Echo Dot deals to bagging a cut-price Echo Studio. If you're after the best price on an Amazon Echo it's not always a case of heading directly to Amazon itself, since they're also sold through third parties, so keep your eyes on this page as we'll be discovering all of the best Cyber Monday deals as they happen.

There are a lot more Echo speakers on the market than there once were, with speakers now joined by smart screens; we've got a separate guide if you're after the best Echo Show deals. That said, the fourth generation did see one particular model fall by the wayside: there was no room for the Echo Plus any longer, with its smart hub rolling down into the main Amazon Echo. We've kept it part of our list for now because some retailers still have stock, but it'll be dropping off soon.

Now on its fourth version, the Amazon Echo range has changed the way we think about smart speakers. It has changed the way we think about the smart home, it's changed the way we communicate in the home, it's changed the way we play music or discover facts. It's no wonder you're looking for the best deals on Amazon Echo speakers.

These intelligent gadgets can control all kinds of devices in your home, and their capabilities can be extended by third-party apps and services. Whether you want to order a pizza or a taxi, your Amazon Echo can help. At these sort of prices, it makes a lot of sense to invest in one (or two).

Cyber Monday Echo deals

Remarkably, Amazon has put its weight behind its newest Echo devices in its list of Cyber Monday deals – these are always the headliners that get people into Amazon's door, so to speak, and they've seen their prices cut already.  Keep your eyes peeled, though, as these things go up and down: a flash sale may save you even more cash.

There may well be other discounts out there too. The Amazon Echo Studio could be in line for a potentially stronger price cut, since it's not brand-spanking new, and those third-generation Echo Dots still hogging warehouse space have got to go cheap.

The best Amazon Echo Dot deals

Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen

Amazon Echo Dot

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The dinky Amazon Echo Dot isn't the best in terms of sound quality, though as of the fourth generation it's better than it once was. Besides, you can plug it into a bigger speaker if you need to. It is the most compact and cutest Echo around though, and can blend perfectly into any room in the house. Don't overlook deals on the recently-superceded third-gen model: it's a cool compact little speaker that works just as well as the 4th-gen sphere.

The best Amazon Echo deals

Amazon Echo (4th gen)

Amazon Echo

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The standard Amazon Echo gives you much better audio output than the Dot. It now sports a three-speaker array, though you will of course have to pay a little more for it (and find a slightly bigger space to put it in). As of the fourth generation it features a smart hub, too, though the third-gen model is still a decent buy if you can find one cheap.

The best Amazon Echo Studio deals

Best Amazon Echo deals: Echo Studio 2020

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The Echo Studio is Amazon's play for hi-fi quality music – it's bigger than the other Echo devices, and so fits in much beefier speakers for fuller, clearer music. It also has clever engineering for 3D audio with compatible tracks, which sounds really impressive. The whole thing is excellent for music, though, and Alexa works just as well as ever, of course.

The best Amazon Echo Dot (Third generation) deals

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

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Amazon still seems to have plenty of third-gen Dots kicking around, and it's a fantastic smart speaker if you're looking to scatter a number of nodes around your home for very little money - in fact, it's the cheapest Echo speaker you can buy by our reckoning.

The best Amazon Echo Plus deals

Best Amazon Echo deals: Amazon Echo Plus deals 2020

Amazon Echo Plus

The Amazon Echo Plus is just like the older Amazon Echo models, except it's slightly bigger, it has slightly better speakers, and it works with the Zigbee smart home standard – which essentially means control of other smart home devices is more automated. While it may have been discontinued now, retailers who still have stock are likely to offer some pretty attractive deals; we've seen it for less than half its original price.