ZTE building eight-core smartphone for launch next year?

"Apache" smartphone apparently in development

Forget dual core, or even quad core, the latest generation of smartphones will be rocking no less than eight cores if new rumours are to be believed

ZTE, the Chinese manufacturer known for giving us the likes of the ZTE Grand X and the ZTE PF100 apparently has an eight-core smartphone in the works, set for a 2013 release.

According to sources, the manufacturer's new handset is codenamed "Apache" with a CPU provided by MediaTek and based on the 28nm microarcitecture.

Other rumours beginning to emerge give the Apache handset a 13MP camera, 4G connectivity and a Full HD screen.

Although ZTE has yet to achieve any real penetration here in the UK mobile phone market, it overtook HTC last month as the world's fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer - thanks almost solely to sales in China.

In real terms though, you won't need to abandon your iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 for an eight-core device just yet. Apps and programs designed for use on a dualcore or quadcore phone won't run any differently on an eight-core device.

Where the extra muscle comes in handy is for multitasking - but given the screen real estate on the average handset ain't exactly expansive, we don't see this as a deciding factor.

Still, the race for greater power isn't going away anytime soon. Samsung is reportedly working on its own eight-core device, although it looks like ZTE might have beaten it to the punch with the Apache.

Whether or not the Apache will make an appearance at CES 2013 is anyone's guess but we'll keep our ears to the ground to bring you the latest developments.

Sources: Android Headlines, TechRadar