Windows Phone app news: Foursquare gets revamp

Social 'check-in' site gets WP7 overhaul

Foursquare goes for second time lucky with WP7 application.

Foursquare has unleashed a new version of its Windows Phone 7 application, which has been completely redesigned for the coming-of-age mobile OS.

Foursquare 2.0 arrives on the App Marketplace after the original version was pulled from the store due to the lack of features and a poor use experience.

The app has been redesigned in collaboration with Microsoft and the UI mimics WP7's Metric design and panoramic interface set-up.

Foursquare 2.0 features a host of newly-integrated features, including tap-and-hold check-ins, LiveTile and the opportunity to view specials that friends nearby have checked-in at.

The new version of the app is available to download from the Windows App Marketplace now and joins the 25,000 applications now available in the store.

Link: Mobile Burn