Windows 8 sales are 'slow going'

Senior VP at NewEgg says sales will increase though

Windows 8 is the biggest OS launch for Microsoft releasing Windows 8 for PCs, Windows 8 RT for tablets and Windows Phone 8, all under one compatible roof

Following the release of Windows 8 last month the VP at popular retailer NewEgg has described sales as falling below expectations.

Talking to readwrite Merle McIntosh, senior VP of Product Management at NewEgg, says Windows 8 sales have been “slow going” compared to the “explosion” the company expected.

Windows 8, Microsoft’s new operating system, was predicted to have 300 million installs by the end 2013 upon release of its product. According to McIntosh even with the eagerly awaited Windows Store, purchases of the new OS have not branded it as "the next coming of God" as some at NewEgg had predicted.

The Windows 8 launch is nothing like its predecessor Windows 7, which saw 100 million copies sold in six months. McIntosh has said this is because “the Windows 7 launch was coming in to solve a Vista problem and there was lots of pent up demand for it.”

Even though sales are low, McIntosh has said NewEgg are not inclined to discount Windows 8 much over the holiday season and stated that sales have been “steadily improving.”

Source: readwrite