Times.co.uk loses around 90% of readership

Readers hit a 'paywall' on new site

News International responds to the economic downturn, by losing the majority of its readership.

The Times Online website has lost almost 90% of its online readership after it started charging people to use their online news site.

Figures gathered by the Guardian have shown that not only has their percentage of online news traffic dropped from 15% to just 4.16%, but then out of that 4.16% only a quarter of those people will then pay to use the site.

These rather distressing figures have come after News International decided to start charging users for the use of it's Times.co.uk website. Users are now 'bounced' from the main site straight to a registration page where they can pay £1 for one day or £2 a week subscription.


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Whilst this may not seem like a large fee, when you think about how many other news sites there are, all of equal quality, and all free, it's hard to imagine just how loyal News International was expecting its customers to be.

Rupert Murdoch is convinced paid-for news services are the way forward, and whilst these figures may not come as a surprise to him, it'll be interesting to see if this experiment pays off. If it manages to pay it's way, we could see many other news sites following suit.

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