Tesco offers £2.50 unlimited broadband for Clubcard members

One of the lowest internet deals available in UK until May

UK broadband deals are getting more and more competative when it comes to the budget end of the market and Tesco is no exception

Tesco is offering its lowest priced broadband deal ever giving Clubcard members the chance to have 'unlimited' internet for £2.50 for the first 12-months making it one of the lowest deals in the UK.

If you sign up to the 12-month deal there's no set up fee while if you decide to go for a rolling contract then installation will cost £40.

The 'unlimited' deal offers customers a 100GB limit per month and if you somehow manage to go over that then Tesco will only start charging extra after warnings have been given.

Once the 12-months are up the price then rises to a more normalised £6.50 per month making the total cost including line rental £20.25 after the 12-months.

The deal is available now via their website and will apparently only be available until the end of May.