Tech Week: Windows 8 and Apple WWDC

The highlights of the last seven days of the tech world, all in one place. Enjoy.

News of the Week.

WINDOWS 8 was unveiled to the public this week at the D9 conference in the states, offering a tablet style interface and the promise of a new era of useability. Microsoft unveiled both demo products and a video which T3 discovered may have contained Windows 8 HP tablets in the prototype stage.

SONY's NGP was given a full shakedown this week by T3's Matt Hill and you can see his reaction to the much anticipated handheld in our Sony NGP hands-on review. As part of our NGP coverage we've also been given an exclusive look at some of the games available for the Sony NGP when it's announced at E3.

APPLE'S WWDC will see the launch of iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion when it opens it's doors on June 6, This comes alongside the news that iOS 5 will have Twitter integration and the rumour that the iPhone 5 will launch at WWDC.

E3 anticipation is reaching fever pitch and this week saw a Tomb Raider trailer unveiled. The hugely successful franchise is back, but totally rebooted with Lara Croft being just 21 and starting out. We also saw a nifty new head-tracking feature for Forza Motorsport 4 using Kinect which will be confirmed when the conference starts. Finally Take-Two's CEO has said that there is no need for a PS4 or Xbox 720, claiming the current consoles still have plenty of potential.

FINALLY, this week sees the news that OnLive will be arriving in the UK in the Autumn, reservations for UK customers begins on the first day of E3. The cloud-based gaming company who've been taking the US by storm have also unveiled that OnLive will be available for tablets soon. As proof of their commitment to mobile gaming they also showed a video showcasing the HTC Flyer using OnLive.

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Features of the Week.

T3's August issue is available now and contains our ultimate showdown of the Best Tablets of 2011, all reviewed in full in issue 192.

TRAILERS are in abundance this week with E3 resulting in a shower of new titles, check out our Hottest Game Trailers of 2011 to see Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed: Revelations and CoD:Modern Warfare 3 all in spanking HD.

SUMMER is finally here. Don't believe us? Well check out our 10 ways you know summer's here and learn about all the tell-tale signs

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Reviews of the Week.

FIRST up is our review of the Sony Bloggie 3D, find out whether we marvelled at it's compact tech or brushed it aside as a gimmick.

AUDIO streaming used to be a complex process involving wires and frustration, not any more. In our Audio Streaming Group Test we show you the best of the bunch, stress-free.

FINDING apps can sometimes feel like a needle in a haystack, especially now iTunes has surpassed the 500,000 mark. No fear however, we've come up with the Best Free iPad Apps all packed neatly into video format so you can spend more time playing and less time searching.


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News@8pm this week:

Tuesday 31st: News@8pm: iOS 5 release date announced and CoD: Elite

Wednesday 1st: News@8: Atrix on T-Mobile and iCloud signs up Universal

Thursday 2nd: News@8: Kal-El superchip looks to alter gaming and WIndows 8