Tech Week: 3DS launch date confirmed and iPad 2 leaks

Plus: Steve Jobs leaves Apple and Android 3.0 hands-on

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week
The week's top story is without a doubt the formal unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS with the pocket-friendly, glasses-free 3D gaming device set to hit UK stores on March 25th. Whilst we all got excited by the news of its imminent arrival, that excitement was short lived as high-end pricing soon followed. Following the unveiling and the T3 hands-on with the device Nintendo has defended the £230 price tag inflicted on the 3DS whilst UK retailers look set to capitalise on the console with a £50 per unit profit to be made. Elsewhere on the 3DS front Nintendo has quashed rumours it fears the upcoming PSP2 announcement declaring it doesn't watch competitors and offers a unique experience with the 3DS.

Apple’s second generation tablet is on the horizon with rumours rife about what features will and won’t make the final cut. Now pegged with a February 9th unveiling following the leak of launch screens, iOS 4.3 hidden icons have all but confirmed the inclusion of front and rear facing cameras whilst a leaked case shows the inclusion of an SD card slot. On the out however is the expected Retina display which has been positively culled. Also a disappointing omission from the iPad 2 unveiling will be Steve Jobs who is to miss the event having been forced to take a medically induced leave of absence.

Mobile World Congress 2011 is now just a few short weeks away and the bevy of gadgets set to launch in Barcelona is already a tantalising trawl of the year’s must-have devices. Potential star of the show the long awaited Sony Ericsson PSP Phone has reportedly been spotted in China whilst competitor Samsung has announced it is to showcase its first dual-core smartphones during MWC. Phone giant HTC is expected to have a strong MWC showing having announced it will launch the HTC Gratia and HTC 7 Pro in February it is also rumoured to launch its first tablet, the HTC Flyer, during the show. Away from MWC Apple is believed to finally be preparing the white iPhone 4 for release on February 27th following a number of leaks.

App of the Week | Guinness World Records
If you want to be a record breaker, dedication's what you need, and this interactive app might help too
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Features of the Week
The iPad 2 might be closer to entering the realms of reality that its fifth generation mobile brethren but that hasn't stopped the iPhone 5 rumour mill churning out a feast of incoming possibilities. From a slimmer form factor to NFC tech the iPhone 5 has been pegged with it all. To find out what we can expect to see in the upcoming iPhone update check out the full iPhone 5 rumours feature.

With the 2011 update of the Guinness World Records Gamers Edition book hitting stores this week, we have looked back at the best selling games in history. From Mario to Sonic via Miis and Dr Kawashima all the most infamous characters of the gaming annuals are covered.

Having been pegged with a March 25th UK launch date earlier this week we figured it was about time you knew everything you need to know on the Nintendo 3DS. Delving under the skin of this pocket friendly glasses-free 3D marvel we cover everything from launch titles to health risks via all the techy bits in between.

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Reviews of the Week
The D-Link Boxee is a dedicated service for on-demand TV, but unlike Apple TV, it’s open source, pulling together content from a range of content providers. The T3 reviewers have been getting down and dirty with the D-Link coming to a three-star conclusion. Read the full D-Link Boxee review to find out why it came home with such a middle of the road verdict.

Android has grown dramatically over the past year with each new iteration bringing bigger and better advancements. We have had our first hands-on with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and thought you would all like to hear our view of the tablet orientated FroYo and Gingerbread follow-on.

The Galaxy Player is Samsung’s spanking new, Android-packing PMP, taking its cue from its bigger bros, the Galaxy S smartphone and the best-selling Galaxy Tab. With Samsung now attacking Apple's iPod as well as iPhone and iPad, read the full Samsung Galaxy Player review to find out why it comes up slightly short.

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