Tech Today: Steve Jobs doll canned, Wikipedia to go dark

Plus: Water proof iPhones coming next year? Facebook set for stock market offering

In Monday's late-breaking tech news, the life-like Steve Jobs action figure has been cancelled, while Wikipedia has announced plans to 'go dark' for 24 hours to protest online censorship

Wikipedia to 'go dark' for 24-hours
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales today announced the site will shut down for 24-hours to protest two massively controversial anti-piracy bills in the United States. The English language versions of the site (and that includes us) will shut down from midnight on the 18th January, Washington time, to raise awareness about the SOPA and PIPA acts. The site will instead display a holding page stating "The internet must remain free." Students and journalists get your research done now!
Link: TechCrunch

Steve Jobs action figure cancelled
An incredibly life-like Steve Jobs doll has been cancelled after the maker came under "immense pressure" from lawyers from Apple and the late visionary's family. The 12-inch scale replica, which came complete with Steve's trademark jeans, turtleneck sweater and rimmed glasses will no-longer be distributed with the maker saying it was his tribute to the late Apple founder.
Link: CNET

Apple to coat new iOS devices with waterproof nano-tech
Amid the sea of vendors at this year's CES event in Las Vegas, stood a tech company displaying a technology which would safeguard phones and tablets when submerged in water. The HzO company says it is in talks with Apple to bring its "nano-scale film-barrier" to future iOS devices. The tech is said to have which "special water repelling properties" when applied to the inside of gadgets.
Link: Pocket-Lint

Facebook set to float in May?
AllThingsD is reporting that Facebook's long awaited stock market floatation will commence in May with an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company could raise as much as $10 billion on an astonishing $100 billion valuation.
Link: AllThingsD

Shoe retailer falls victim to cyber-attack, the popular online store has fallen victim to a cyber attack, which has potentially exposed the personal information of 24 million users. The company says names, email addresses, usernames, phone numbers and the last four digits of credit cards have been rooted out by hackers. The attack is the first major coup of 2012 for hackers.
Link: LATimes