Tech Today: Nintendo Wii U release date clues revealed

Plus: Steve Jobs book renamed, more RIM woes

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Wii U arriving in Q2 2012
Fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Nintendo Wii will have to wait until after April 1st 2012. In an interview with Forbes, Nintendo chief Reggie Fils-Amie reveals the company's plans for the console, including the possibility of being able to watch video on the controller, independent of the console.
Link: Forbes

There are now more iPhone's than BlackBerrys in the US
More good news for Apple, more bad news for RIM. So what else is new? In the United States there are now more iPhones than BlackBerry phones. Apple is up by one per cent market share and BlackBerry is down .5 per cent and the result is that Apple, with its one phone now has more handsets on the market than RIM with its many.
Link: 9to5 Mac

App of the Day | Shredder Chess
The Bobby Fischer of chess apps - undoubtedly the best, but only available for the right price.
T3 App Chart | Top 10 Android Apps | Shredder Chess Review

Picasa and Blogger to be renamed
Reports on Tuesday suggest that Google might be preparing to ditch the names of two of its most popular services and add a little branding. Mashable reckons that Picasa will soon be Google Photos, while Blogger will simply be known as Google Blogs.
Link: Mashable

Steve Jobs book gets more elegant, yet boring title
Apparently dissatisfied with the working title "iSteve: The Book of Jobs," the Apple supremo has called for a 'more elegant' title for his forthcoming official biography. The book will now be known, simply as "Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson." The book will be out in early 2012.
Link: AppleInsider

The end of unlimited data: US first, here next?
US network Verizon Wireless is ending its unlimited data plans for smartphones, which may resonate on these shores before too much longer. The titan will now offer tiered data plans from $30 to $80 depending on how much you want to use each month. Could the party be coming to an end here soon too?
Link: WSJ

News@8: Today more rumours have surfaced that Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 5 in September. Today's nugget suggests that the company has ordered 15 million of the buggers to be made. And, in yet more bad news for RIM, HTC is set to overtake the company in smartphone sales by next year. Catch-up with this and more in our daily News@8 round-up.