Tech Today: Apple to bid for Premier League football rights?

Plus: Nintendo 3DS sales on the up, man uses iPad as passport

Tuesday's late-breaking tech news saw reports that Apple plans to bid for Premier League football rights, while a man was able to enter the United States using an iPad as his passport

Apple to bid for Premier League streaming?
Look out BBC, Sky and ESPN, Apple is lining up a bid for the next set of Premier League Football screening rights, according to the Daily Mail. The company is reportedly interested in acquiring a slice of the pie to boost its Apple TV offering. The Mail also reckons that Google is also interested for the same reason.
Link: Daily Mail

Man uses iPad as passport
Getting across the border into the United States without the proper documentation is usually an exercise in futility, unless you're this Canadian hero who managed to gain entry to the US using a scanned picture of his passport on his iPad. Matt Reisch from Montreal realised he'd forgotten his passport as he approached the US border. Fair play to you Matt, but speaking from our experience, we don't fancy the chances of a repeat performance.
Link: BBC

So, the Nintendo 3DS is doing ok afterall?
2011 wasn't exactly a vintage year for Nintendo's bottom-line figures, but it appears the company might have turned the corner after announcing the sale of four million 3DS handheld consoles in the United States. Better still for Ninty, it managed to sell another 4.5m Wii consoles in the US, pushing the total sales to a whopping 51m since its launch back in 2006.
Link: TechRadar

First Ford Focus electric car gifted to Google
The very first fully electric Ford Focus car is off the production line and in the grateful arms of those eco-friendly bods at Google. The new-age Focus has a top speed of 84 miles per hour and can charge fully in just three hours.
Link: Engadget

Apple New York event could see iTextbooks launch
January's heavily Apple event is likely to focus on education according to reports on Tuesday. The New York event may see Apple launch an iTexbook platform, to bring full textbooks through iBooks. Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was "intimately involved" with the project according to those in the know.
Link: AllThingsD