T3 Agenda: Go Rogue this Xmas with the Propel Star Wars Battle Drones

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2 December

Go Rogue this Xmas with Propel's Star Wars Battle Drones

We've seen Star Wars drones before, but this is the first time we've seen ones that can battle each other with lasers. No really, each one of the drones is moulded in the form of the franchises' most recognisable craft and can reach speeds of up to 35mph in just three seconds.

The T-65 X-wing Starfighter, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1, and a 74-Z Speeder Bike from Return of the Jedi, will be the first of the drones available, giving new pilots the chance to fly for either the Empire or Rebel Alliance.

The first editions will cost £229.99 and are sold in a wax-sealed special edition box which arrive on shelves at Maplin, Currys, Argos, Disney Store and Hamleys from the beginning of December 2016.

And look, a picture of a TIE fighter with Keith Lemon! Worlds collide, indeed.

Protect your home with Y-cam's Triple Layer security system

Y-cam Solutions has just announced Protect, a complete Triple Layer smart security system designed to actively monitor your home and reduce your chances of becoming a victim of burglary. 

Simple to set up, everything you need is in the box so you can secure your home within minutes. Protect is part of the multi-award winning Y-cam smart security range, expanding the company’s vision to give peace of mind and make home security easy and accessible to everyone.

Protect features include Triple Layer Security (which uses a SIM card backup, Internet backup and an eight-hour battery backup in case your power goes out), the ability to control your setup from your smartphone or tablet and alarm notifications straight to your device.

There's also 24/7 line monitoring - Y-cam Protect has a secure communication line to the outside world which is monitored 24 hours a day using Y-cam’s unique cloud technology and experienced engineers, ensuring you are notified whenever the line is down.

Y-cam Protect is available from www.y-cam.com for just £149.99.

Give your HTC Vive a dose of somber history with the Remembering Pearl Harbor experience

VR has given us a pretty broad spectrum of experiences thus far, ranging from immersive space battles to questionable adult entertainment, but we've rarely seen anything with proper historical substance.

Remembering Pearl Harbor, developed by Dreams VR, aims to change all that as it transports viewers inside key moments of the event’s aftermath through historically authentic and fully interactive VR environments.

Set to launch just before the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the immersive app will be narrated by Lt Jim Downing, the 103-year-old survivor of the harrowing event.

Remembering Pearl Harbor is available on Viveport for only £6.96.

1 December

adidas' new Progressor Pro eyewear are customisable ski goggles with style

It's been six whole years since adidas last released a pair of ski goggles, but it's now making up for lost time with its redesigned Progressor range.

The top of the range Progressor Pro Pack features two interchangeable lenspods with different shapes to tackle changing conditions, while the Progressor S has a spherical double-lens that maximizes your field of vision.

The Progressor C is equipped with a cylindrical double-lens for crystal clear and the vision and a snug fit in all weathers.

The new Progressor C and Progressor S by adidas Sport eyewear will be available in in nine different colours and lens filter combinations, starting at £115. 

The Progressor Pro Pack will be available for £155 in three different colour and lens filter combinations. A beautifully designed entry level goggle, the Backland, featuring exceptional field of vision and starting at £80, will also be available as part of the new google range.

Take your tunes into the wild with the Hercules WAE Outdoor 04Plus FM 

Say ‘hello’ to the WAE Outdoor 04Plus FM. As its name suggests, this brand-new audio powerhouse comes with a built-in FM tuner tucked away inside the speaker. 

It’s been built tough enough to keep riders company wherever their sport takes them – at skate parks, BMX tracks, mountain bike trails, or simply doing their own thing out on the streets!

The plucky little Bluetooth speaker will be available later this month for £69.99 from Hercules.com and other electronics retailers.

Introducing the UK’s first Gigabit Powerline Adapter with WiFi

Devolo has just launched the UK's first Gigabit Powerline Adapter with WiFi in the form of the dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac, which enables you to turn any power outlet in the home into superfast wired and wireless internet access points for devices such as smartphones to smart TVs.

The dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac is available to order online from today. The starter kit is £159.99 and a single dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac adapter to expand an existing dLAN Powerline home network costs £109.99.

Devolo has also announced Amazon Echo support for its products, allowing you to control your range of Home Control products with voice commands.

30 November

Virgin gives its TV vision a game-changing shakeup with the V6 box

What with Sky's excellent Sky Q box and app transforming the firm's take on how we enjoy our TV, Virgin has finally stepped up to the plate with its own next-gen plan. Say hello to the Virgin TV V6 box and the TellyTablet.

Once again powered by TiVo, the V6 box is 4K-ready and offers a slick, superfast TV service in one of the smallest packages we've ever seen.  It's half the size of Virgin's previous TiVo box and 10 times as powerful.

Oh, and it can record SIX shows at once. SIX! And all said recordings can be accessed at any time by other TiVo boxes around the home.

Alongside the V6 box, Virgin introduces the Virgin TV TellyTablet - a 14-inch HD tablet that enables you to access your favourite TV shows, films and apps, wherever you might be.

Look out for a more in-depth look at Virgin's big TV plan later today, with a hands-on verdict pencilled in for next week.

Grab a free Mojo case with all Mojos from Chord Electronics

The award-winning Mojo DAC/headphone amp from Chord Electronics is being supplied with a free protective case throughout the holiday season in store at participating retailers around the world.

The promotion offers the high-quality protective case (worth £65) with all new Mojo purchases bought in retail stores up until 14 January, 2017.

The case features a clever hinged design to enable easy insertion and removal, with two clips keeping it securely closed. A secondary magnetic clip keeps Mojo firmly in place for added peace of mind.

The only caveat being you can only get a free Mojo case by buying a Mojo in-store - the offer sadly doesn't extend to online purchases. 

The Heimplanet Motion Series are stylish new backpacks that move with you

If you're struggling to find a new backpack that suits your busy and active lifestyle, you might just be in the luck. The new Motion Series from the clever peeps at Heimplanet has just hit its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter (with more than two weeks to go), and you can see why.

With a mixture of functional elements and innovative materials, the 20L ARC and the 25L ELLIPSE feature a 3D foam panel that ensures better airflow and reduces pressure points whilst carrying the bag.

Head on over to the official Kickstarter page today and you can pre-order an ARC for just $95 (£81).

29 November

Classic Ford GT and GT40 racing cars to be immortalised in Lego brick form

Come on, let's be honest, everyone loves Lego, but with practically every set on the market seemingly being related to Star Wars or a Marvel film, the brand is getting a little predictable.

Thankfully, the Danish brick phenomenon is getting a nice change of pace with the reveal of the Lego Speed Champions range, which celebrates two of motorsport's most iconic motors - the Ford GT and Ford GT40  - in toy form.

Created to celebrate their iconic status in Le Mans history, the set has a real 80s, retro vibe about them and are guaranteed to please both little and big kids alike. 

The new 2016 Ford GT and 1966 Ford GT40 set will be available to order at LEGO.com/shop from March 1, 2017, with a recommended retail price of £29.99.

Grab an Xmas deal on Hi-Fi and AVs with Arcam

Cambridge-based audio electronics specialist Arcam is having a huge Xmas-themed sale, with loads of great deals on quality hi-fis, AV receivers and home cinema setups.

Price drops include the firm's Solo One-Box Systems range, with the Solo Music Stereo dropping to £1,299 (down from £1,599), the Solo Movie 2.1 drops to £1,499 (originally £1,799) and the Solo Movie 5.1 goes from £2,199 to £1,799.

Deals also include hi-fi units and disc players and will run throughout the month of December.

Logitech Pop Home Switch comes to the UK

Following its initial launch earlier this month, the Logitech Pop Home Switch Starter Pack and Pop Add-On Home Switch are now available from third-party retailers including Amazon, John Lewis and Curry's PC World.

Logitech Pop Home Switch allows users to control smart lighting, music, and more with the push of a button. Each switch can be programmed with up to three custom commands to add creativity and convenience throughout your smart home.

28 November

MyZone's fitness wearable app gets an extra dose of social media

24 November

MyZone, the fitness wearable range that covers everything from smart monitors to watches, is getting a new update to its companion app and its injecting an extra dose of social media connectivity.

In order to connect its users even further, the MyZone app will now support the ability to create groups and networks . You'll also be able to upload Instagram-esque photos of all your sick gains - because everyone loves a poser.

MyZone has also made some tweaks to how your personal data is tracked, with the likes of duration, peak heart-rate, calories burned, MEPs (MyZone effort points) earned and average-heart rate all given a much clearer presentation.

This socks are so tough you won't even need to wear shoes

#Freeyourfeet. That's the hashtag-bound marketing angle behind the self-styled ultra minimalist approach to footwear, the FYF.

Rather than strapping your poor feet in socks and shoes like a heathen, the FYF has been designed to combine the two into one durable yet lightweight experience.

So how does it do it? The FYF is made of Dyneema (well, 46.5% of it is), which is considered to be the strongest fibre there is. It's also incredibly lightweight, making it ideal of sports where your feet normally get a plenty of blisters from rubbing.

You can pre-order one today from $80 for a pair (that's about £64).

Copy and paste like a boss with SwiftKey's new Clipboard update

SwiftKey is preparing to roll out a brand new feature to its already impressive list of attributes, and this one is all about copying and pasting with ease.

Designed for users who often need to repeat the same phrase or set of key words, Clipboard stores said word groups and enables you to drop them into a doc you're working on with ease.

It also works in tandem with Shortcuts, enabling you to create a hot link to any phrase you've added to your Clipboard.

For example, instead of typing out your address you could save it to your Clipboard and create the Shortcut "Home1", which when typed, expands to your address.

The update will roll out later today.

Hit your fitness stride with Philips’ ActionFit range

Are you planning to start 2017 with a fitness-related resolution? If you are, investing in a great pair of activity-minded headphones could help all those spin classes, runs and gym sessions feel a little less grueling.

From the Bluetooth capabilities of the Philips SHQ7900CL to the durable and comfortable SHQ1400CL complete with ambient sound awareness, there’s something for everyone looking to reach their fitness goals.

The Philips SHQ7900 headphones are an ideal fitness partner, offering open acoustic design, Bluetooth connection and 18g lightweight design. And with no wired connection to hold users back, its high performance and IPX2 level sweat and moisture proof rating makes it ideal for even the most strenuous workout. Get yours today for £69.99 from Dixons.

12 best running headphones for serious exercise or keeping fit

When it comes to the Philips SHQ6500CL, its anti-slip rubber ear caps ensure the headphones never fall out, while high performance sound ensures users are motivated throughout. Music and calls can also be picked up while training, and it comes with IPX2 sweat resistance and a Kevlar reinforced cable. Buy it now from Amazon for £69.99.

With three ear tip sizes available and weighing in at only 5.7g, the Philips SHQ1405 has c-shaped ear tips, a sporty carrying pouch and mic - making these headphones ideal for a workout on the go. Invest in a pair today from Dixons for £19.99.

Finally, there's the ultralight and water/sweatproof Philips SHQ1400CL, the perfect headphones for the serious roadrunner (and one that doesn't want to break the bank). Buy a pair today for £17.99 from Amazon.

Announcing Noble Audio's best ever Black Friday/Cyber Monday event! 

Noble Audio has announced its biggest ever Black Friday/Cyber Monday event. The in-ear monitor (IEM) specialist will be offering a 15% discount on all models: both its universal-fit and custom-fit in-ear monitors for a four-day period. 

Noble is also offering a free BTS Bluetooth adaptor (worth £69) with its flagship nine-driver Katana and brand new 10-driver Kaiser Encore models.

It kicks of at 8am tomorrow in the UK and will run until 8am on Tuesday 29th, GMT.