Starcraft 2 study backs Terrans

Terrans would beat Zerg and Protoss, Starcraft 2 study shows

Researchers using Starcraft 2 for data-collection analysis have determined that ultimately Terrans would be victorious against alien aggressors

In Starcraft 2, the Terran looks outmatched and outgunned a lot of the time. Zerg trade quality for quantity, but the speed at which their units are produced can almost seem overwhelming. Protoss take longer to build up, but once they have control of the skies, most opponents are done for. The Terrans seem to sit squarely in the middle, essentially holding a line of long-range fire against seemingly impossible odds.

However, research conducted at the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh has determined that, in the long run, Terrans would emerge victorious in the long term against their alien aggressors, according to an article in Wired.

Researchers Thomas Targett and Duncan Forgan made their findings after watching the strategies of 500 Starcraft 2 matches between professional e-Sports players. Wired's artcile said the researchers then "logged the results of the match when players adopted a “macro” strategy (focused on developing economic strength for long-term success) and when they played a “micro” game (built a small force as quickly as possible to damage or destroy the opponent early.) Then they measured the probability of success based on each race adopting each strategy."

It was found that, if a strategy of early pressure against an opponent was pursued, the Terrans would emerge victorious. The research is part of an attempt to interest gaming fans in scientific research.