Sony PSP2 better than the Nintendo 3DS, say T3 readers

The margin of victory is tiny but Sony's handheld edges in front

Will Sony's NGP handheld really reign supreme?

We like a good scrap at T3. Hot competition between rivals normally ends up being beneficial to the consumer, so we’re all in favour of tech companies going head to head. This rivalry can bring out the worst in fans though, with tech advocates lighting up message boards about the merits of their favourite devices.

That’s why we like to give you a safe forum in which to air your views. Each week we ask you to vote in our topical tech polls, and last week was all about the upcoming battle between the Sony PSP2 and the Nintendo 3DS.

So which came out on top? Truth be told, it was an impossible close race. Probably the closest we’ve had in such matters. At the time of writing, the PSP2 had edged ahead by just 3.1 per cent, taking 51.55 per cent of the votes. The 3DS found favour with the remaining 48.45 per cent of you.

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This obviously means that Sony’s powerhouse pocket console has won this particular race, although since the vote was so close, it’s anything but conclusive. In Truth Sony will have its work cut out clawing back custom, since the 3DS will go on sale some eight months earlier.

Got a strong view on either of the new breed of handheld consoles? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed. Also, don't forget to check out this week's poll.