Sony: PlayStation Suite sits between hardcore and casual

SCEE boss explains PlayStation Suite strategy

Sony says research shows gamers want quality games on their smartphone.

PlayStation Suite, Sony’s Android gaming store which will sit pretty on a string of Google phones as well as its NGP, has been talked up by Sony Europe gaming boss Andrew House, who says the service will be aimed somewhere between casual and hardcore.

In an interview with MCV, House said, “Our feeling, and our research bears this out, is that there's potential for an audience that sits in-between [hardcore and casual]. An audience that wants a more quality gaming experience than they currently get from the mobile space - but they want the convenience of having that on their smartphone.”

House continued, “We thought if we were to open up the PlayStation experience towards a greater variety of Android devices, then we can perhaps serve that market.”

It could be argued that by opening PlayStation Suite up to all Android phones, the service will be the ultimate casual gaming portal. But with Apple still battering Android in the gaming stakes, there’s no denying PlayStation Suite has the potential to cause Cupertino a headache.

Via CVG and MCV