Sony PlayStation 3 outsells Xbox 360 by 28%

PS3 sales more than Xbox 360 by 4 million units in the last year

Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox battle it out for the gaming crown.

Sales of the Sony PlayStation 3 console has outstripped the sales of Microsoft's Xbox 360 by 28% in the financial year ending on June 30 2010.

According to figures, 10.3 million Xbox 360 consoles were sold in comparison to 14.3 million PS3 consoles in the same time frame. This is a shift from the previous year, when Xbox 360 was selling more than the PS3. The reason for this reversal seems to be the price reduction of the Sony PS3 consoles as well as its PS3 Slim version.

However, in overall sales, Microsoft is still in the lead, having sold 3.6 million more Xbox 360's than Sony PS3's.

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Nintendo sales had already been hit by the imminent arrival of the PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect. Both the Microsoft Kinect UK prices and the PlayStation Move UK prices have been announced recently, with the Move costing less than the Kinect. Could it be long before Sony grasps the gaming crown?

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Via: VG247