Sony outs new hi-fi range

iPod-compatible line-up ties in with new Bravia look

Four new stereos for chucking out sounds from your Apple jukebox.

Sony might still be battling Apple with its increasingly classy Walkmans. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got time for the iPod when it comes to its hi-fi offerings. And three of its four new stereos are designed to play nice with Jobs’ jukeboxes.

Top of the pile is the snappily-named Sony CMT-MX550i, rocking the same ‘monolithic’ design as the latest Bravia boxes. It packs in a slew of features including USB playback, iPod docking, DAB radio and CD support. Then there’s the small matter of a hearty 60w of power to give your Apple-shackled tunes the noisy love they deserve.

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Lower down the pecking order is the CMT-BX77DBi, a smaller system with 50w power and iPod dock. Then there’s the CMT-FX250 micro hi-fi, with a more modest 10w, plus CD, DAB and USB playback. Last up is the CMT-FX350i, which rocks the same skills as the FX250, but with an iPod dock thrown in.

As ever, Sony’s not offering up official prices, although the top end CMT-MX550i is expected to come in at around £200. All systems are due to land on these shores in July.