Sony Dash given global compatibility and sales

Personal internet viewer loses US exclusivity

Sony dashing across the atlantic

The Sony Dash has been unleashed from its US exclusive lockdown as the personal internet viewer prepares for an influx of global interest.

Unveiled by Sony during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Dash, which has previously been restricted to Stateside compatibility, is a 7-inch touchscreen touting, widget-packing countertop internet browser.

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Boasting over a thousand apps, including the social networking big players, Facebook and Twitter, and with YouTube video playback compatibility, the Sony Dash is the most interactive and advanced bedside alarm clock come internet tablet on the market.

Despite the Dash now being offered for international export, Sony has warned that “many providers automatically geo-filter their content so your experience with your Dash may vary depending on your location.”

As Chumby, the app store platform used by the Sony Dash, is also restricted by US exclusivity, UK users looking to pick themselves up a Dash will, for the time being at least, be limited to the US centric content. Although not offering UK based apps, the Sony Dash will be kind to the wallets of UK consumers looking to import the device, retailing in the US for just $199.