Segway boss Jimi Heselden dies in freak accident

British business owner killed using his own product

Every now and then something will come along and you'll have to look twice, this is one of those things.

West Yorkshire Police today confirmed the tragic death of entrepreneur Jimi Heseldon, the UK head of the world-famous Segway scooter company.

Mr Heselden died in what can only be called the most bizarre of circumstances: driving off a cliff on his own product. It is as yet, unknown what caused the accident but what is known is that Mr Heselden and his X2 Adventure Segway both went plummeting off a cliff and into a river below.

The Segway has become an international icon of the changing global climate due to its minute power usage and querky method of steering: lean forward for speed and back for braking. Unfortunately it seems the controls may have got the better of Mr Heselden this time.

The most unfortunate aspect of this whole story is that the Segway was never considered an inherently dangerous product, in fact on the roads its been hugely praised. So perhaps we should all take this as a warning: when heading off-road stick to a 4X4, or a horse.

Link: Daily Mail