Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume fix update launched

Google starts to release patch to fix critical volume bug

After it was found that the Galaxy Nexus had a fairly critical bug it now appears as though the problems will soon be over thanks to a fix...

Google has already begun rolling out it's OTA update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug with Android Central reporting that several users have already begun to get the update despite Google's original statement that the update was a week away.

This came after several forums started to feature threads where users were complaining about their Samsung Galaxy Nexus randomly changing the volume of the handset without warning, the issue appeared to sporadically change the phone from being muted to full volume.

The newly released Ice Cream Sandwich handset has been met with widespread praise however just a few days later it appears as though the honeymoon period is over.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug video

Source: XDA Developers