PSP has life in it yet, says Sony

Exec responds to latest chatter about PSP 2

New model is on the cards, but Sony says it's still focused on current PSP.

Following yesterday’s tittle tattle about a touch-sensitive PSP 2 already being shown to developers, Sony has come out and defended its current handheld, saying there’s “life in it yet”.

Speaking to GamesIndustry,biz, Sony’s Michael Denny said of the rumoured PSP 2, “We don't have anything to announce and nor are we giving anything away if we say we’re always looking at the future as well. For now, we’re still concentrating on the PSP as a very attractive proposition."

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Denny went on to say that as the PSP gets cheaper, Sony’s focusis shifting towards more child-friendly titles. Clearly the success of the Nintendo DS has shown Sony the way to go.

While admitting sales were “not huge” he said Sony was still earning money from the handheld. With a mooted PSP phone also round the corner, the Big S will want to learn from the mistakes of the PSPgo before letting a full blown sequel into the wild.

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