Playboy uncensored iPad content to be optimised site

Adult mag to launch this month

May 18th date given to iPad optimised Playboy content

The digitalised version of adult magazine classic Playboy is set to disappoint a number of expectant fans as the mooted uncensored iPad app is revealed to be nothing more than an tablet optimised website.

A number of recent Tweets from Playboy founder Hugh Hefner stating Playboy was coming to the iPad in a “complete and uncensored” form sparked widespread speculation that the ladies man had found away around Steve Jobs and Apple’s stringent anti-porn rules for App Store content.

With the service set to go live on May 18th via the site those looking to get their regular fix of high class nudity and access to a complete, uncensored back catalogue of every Playboy issue in its entirety will need to force out a subscribers fee of $8 (£4.90) per month.

Whilst the optimised iPad site is Playboy’s only tablet announcement at present, reports suggest Hefner and his band of bunnies are still eyeing up an uncensored iPad with the hope of slipping a bared nip past the smut banishing Jobs.

Will you be signing up to Playboy’s optimised iPad website or waiting until its editorials and other assets land in full app form? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: TechRadar