One in 10 websites in UK spams users

Volume of spam gone up by 110% in one year

UK web-sufers have much to worry about: it's a spam-filled place to be

According to research by Spam Ratings, 1 in 10 UK websites are responsible for malicious spam. In addition, dangerous spam has doubled in the last 12 months.

UK has been named-and-shamed as one of the most dangerous places to surf the Internet in the world. Spam Ratings carried out research for 12 months, spanning 10,000 websites and 150,000 emails.

In the year ending 30 September 2010, the amount of spam has risen by 110%. Out of the 1 in 10 sites producing spam, they attack 5 times a day.

In addition, privacy has taken a backseat, with 20% of websites breaching ethical email marketing practice by automatically opting in consumers to share their details with third-party organizations. 30% of the emails investigated received emails from third parties, showing the extent of data sharing.

Spam Ratings urges people to support their Stop Spam Abuse Facebook campaign, where websites mentioned on their 'wall of shame' will be looked into. If found guilty of spamming, they will be reported to the appropriate trade or law enforcement agency.

Andy Yates, co-founder at Spam Ratings, said, "Consumers need to think twice about the origin of spam and be cautious and alert when shopping online or signing up to websites."

With online scams costing 3 million UK consumers £3.5bn a year and scam emails plaguing 73% of adults every year, we'd like those 1 in 10 websites to be named and shamed.

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Via: Spam Ratings