Nokia calls in Russian police over missing N8 handset

Russian journalist targeted for critical N8 review

You know that petty squabble is out of hand when the Russian police are called

Nokia and Apple were inseparable months ago as they clawed it out over legal battles, now it looks like the two companies have been copying each other again as the Finnish phone manufacturers call in the police to help return a missing handset prematurely shown to the world by a journalist.

The Russian spy targeting Nokia, no, sadly not the tasty redhead working for the government, but technology journalist Eldar Murtazin, is claimed to have ignored requests from Nokia for the return of a prototype Nokia N8 handset. Murtazin, who is editor-in-chief of the Moscow-based has been in possession of the N8 prototype ever since he previewed the device with a less than positive outcome earlier this year.

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In order to reclaim possession of the missing N8, Nokia has turned to Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs for assistance in the phone's return. Commenting on the official Nokia blog, Nokia Conversations, on Wednesday, one of the company’s spokespeople said: "We have asked Murtazin for the return of all Nokia property in his possession,"

“As he has declined to reply, we asked the Russian authorities to assist us. We leave it to the Russian authorities to determine the most appropriate course of action."

Whilst Nokia claims that its overzealous response is in no way related to the criticisms Murtazin made about the N8, the tech journalists insists that he has done nothing wrong: "Nokia says there has been a trade secret infringement, but we have never signed any non-disclosure agreements with them and Nokia knows that very well."