Nintendo Wii U to be showcased at CES 2012

Nintendo set to out its upcoming Wii U console at CES 2012 with little new on display

Nintendo is preparing to give its upcoming Wii U console another outing with the Wii replacement and Xbox challenger to be showcased as CES 2012

Nintendo’s E3 unveiled and widely underwhelming next-generation console, the Nintendo Wii U is to be showcased at CES 2012 in January, new reports from the gaming giant have revealed.

Officially announced at E3 back in June the Wii U was poorly received with the unveiling leaving many questions unanswered as to how gamers will interact with the touchscreen controller touting Nintendo Wii follow-on.

"Nintendo of America, working with the 2012 International CES management, will offer demos of the upcoming Wii U console to members of the media who did not see the system at the 2011 E3 Expo," an official statement from Nintendo read.

In a wholly disappointing comedown the company added: "Nintendo will not have a booth at CES, nor does it plan to include any games, experiences or information beyond what was available at the 2011 E3 Expo.”

Nintendo Wii U Specs

Like the Wii before it, the Nintendo Wii U is as much about the controller as it is the console. Boasting an inbuilt 6.2-inch touchscreen the controller can be used either to display HUD info, for mini-games using the motion control (spinning it round you to aim in shooting games, for example), or simply to mirror what’s happening onscreen in real time.

Around that is a compliment of full, modern controls: a pair of thumbsticks, four action buttons and four rear triggers (two L and two R).

Away from the controller and the next-gen console is to up its gaming ante with the overdue introduction of 1080p HD gaming and internal flash memory that’s upgradable via SD or USB. With downloadable content to be made available through an online store the Wii U is to be backwards compatible with both Wii games and controllers.

What do you make of the upcoming Nintendo Wii U, next big thing on the gaming scene or a pre-destined flop? Let us know via the comments box below.