Nintendo 3DS sales slump in Q2 with just 710,000 units sold

Nintendo reveals dwindling 3DS interest

Nintendo 3DS sales drop announced in second quarter profits call

Nintendo has officially announced its second quarter earnings revealing it sold just 710,000 3DS consoles in the three month period blaming a lack of hit titles for the flailing sales.

Following the global launch of the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year Nintendo has confirmed that second quarter sales of the glasses-free 3D portable games console have struggled with the standard definition Nintendo DS and DSi consoles outselling the latest device with 1.44 million units sold worldwide.

“During the three months ended June 2011, for the Nintendo 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D was launched and favourably received, but the Nintendo 3DS has few other hit titles,” the official Nintendo announcement stated.

It went on to add: “As a result, the worldwide sales of Nintendo 3DS hardware and Nintendo 3DS software were 0.71 million units and 4.53 million units respectively.”

Whilst the 3DS continues to struggle Nintendo has reported that sales of the Wii have risen over the past three months with lower priced bundle deals seeing the now aging motion gamer shift 1.56 million units.

The dwindling sales report comes in the same week it emerged Amazon had dropped the 3DS from its US store following a series of customer complaints.

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